Underwear customization manufacturers recommend the way to buy underwear according to the chest shape

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-05
The main function of underwear is to protect women's breasts, enhance women's temperament and body shape, meet consumers' requirements for their own beauty, and fully demonstrate their unique charm. So what should we do when we choose underwear according to the breast shape? The specific content will be briefly described by the underwear manufacturer! 1. For the external expansion type, the double peaks are expanded to both sides without being concentrated. It is recommended to choose a bra with a concentrated center, such as 5/8 three-dimensional; 2. Drooping type 1, protruding but drooping, and the lower part touches. It is recommended to choose a 3/4, wider shoulder strap design; 3. Pendant type 2, pointing to the ground, making it hang down. It is recommended to choose a bra with a narrower center; 4. Hemispherical type, with larger bulge and fullness, is ideal. It is recommended to choose the whole; 5. Spun cone type, high bulge, small bottom, protruding forward and slightly hanging, like a spindle. It is recommended to choose 3/4 or full; 6. Cone-shaped breasts, with higher bulge and not small bottom, but the whole body is straight and conical. It is recommended that you buy a 3/4 bra, because it can effectively set off your chest.
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