Underwear customization manufacturers interpret the production process of women's underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-06
The underwear looks very simple, only a few pieces of cloth underwear are composed of a few pieces of cloth underwear. In fact, this process is very cumbersome. So how is the underwear made and what crafts it has? Today, the underwear custom manufacturer will tell you in detail the production process of underwear. Bra shape design (1) Bra shape Bra shape design mainly includes cup design, mold cup design and broken seam design. Bra cups are available in various forms, which can be designed as full cups, 3/4 cups and 1/2 cups according to their area. A full cup means that all breasts can be contained in the cup, especially in the lower side position and close to the front center of the human body. It has strong support, lifting and concentration. It is the most functional cup and is suitable for full breasts or breasts. Women with soft muscles make the wearer's chest stable, comfortable and safe. The method of side pressure and oblique cutting of the steel ring makes the cup have the function of centering the breast and breast to the middle, which is slightly inferior to the whole cup, but the effect is better, the shape is changeable, and it can better reflect the graceful curves of women. 1/2 cup is suitable for young women with small breasts. It has a better effect on improving the breasts, especially after removing the shoulder straps, you can wear a low-cut skirt with open shoulders. The ripped design bra cup is the most likely part of the whole bra to be redesigned and changed. According to the form of fracture, there are the following structural types: horizontal upper and lower cups, left and right cups, T-shaped broken bones (broken seams), oblique upper and lower cups, left and right cups, T-shaped broken bones, single Folding cups and so on. ? Mold design Bra mold cups are divided into seamless mold cups, cotton bras and single-layer bras. The seamless mold cup molding adopts special heat setting equipment, and uses suitable fibers such as polyamide fiber and synthetic fiber to make various sponge cups. If the transparent or light fleshy fabric and the seamless mold cup are heated and compacted together, a product equivalent to an 'invisible bra' can be formed. Duo Wu Scar Bra is a high-tech all-silicone bra. Its function is to improve the deformation of the bra. It not only increases the shape of the chest, but also has a natural texture similar to natural shaking. It overcomes the traditional bra Hardness, especially suitable for the bottom wearing of open-breasted dresses and open-chested dresses. First of all, the plump cotton should be hot pressed to a certain thickness, the two layers of knitted fabrics are bonded together, the cotton cup is sewn into a shape by changing the cup shape and cutting and fixing the lower edge steel ring, and then connected with other parts. Single-layer bra refers to sewing and molding the cup on a single-layer cloth without cotton lining. The single-layer bra is cut to use the elasticity of the fabric to form the three-dimensional curve of the chest, which makes the cutting more cumbersome and the degree of fit is higher. (2) Bra structure Although the bra is very small, it is the most complicated variety in underwear products. A bra is composed of an upper bowl (upper support), a lower bowl (lower support), a chicken heart (heart position), a lower steak, a pull tab (rib cloth), ears, shoulder straps, adjustment rings, etc. of the cup. Bra technology design (1) Group material design Bra is the most difficult variety in the production of underwear with the most processes, the most complicated materials and the most difficult design. Generally speaking, a bra needs a sponge mold cup, main fabric, lace (lace), color insulation mold, warp knitting mesh and photo-stretch fabric, special-shaped yarn, rubber bone, non-woven fabric, cotton knit or fine cloth, shoulder strap, rubber band ( Measuring root), steel ring, fastener, adjusting ring, diagonal strip (bundling), flower card (decorative flower), transportation label (mark + part mark), hanging board, sewing thread and other more than ten kinds of materials, such as light Elastic fabric, positioning yarn, rubber bone, non-woven fabric, cotton knit or fine cloth, shoulder strap, rubber band (measuring root), steel ring, fastener, adjusting ring, diagonal strip (bundling), flower card (decorative flower) , Shipping mark (mark + component mark), hanging board, sewing thread, etc. '. (2) Process design The production method of bras is a collective operation mode, which requires many people to work at the same time. Standard bras are generally divided into 20 to 30 processes, and special sewing machines with more than a dozen stitches are used. A process is operated by more than 20 to 30 people, including the synthesis of the cup core (non-woven fabric), the upper cover, the seam lace, the two cups are connected to the center, the left and right pull tabs are sewn, and the herringbone pulls. Upper and lower bust elastic bands, double needle binding bowls, hand-in steel rims, stitched shoulder straps, bag back hooks, stitched decorative flowers, stitched trademarks, hang tags, date stamping, thread trimming, goods inspection, review, labeling, Packaging and other processes.
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