Underwear custom manufacturers tell how to choose seamless underwear bras

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-10
First of all, the choice of seamless underwear bra does not advocate the purchase of thicker pads. Nowadays, many plump seamless underwear bras on the market have added thick pads, which will actually depress breast fat. Although it can deepen wrinkles and then produce a plump effect, it will temporarily cause breast fat to be doubled. End squeezing, forming a chest deformation overnight, and even a reaction of vice milk. -Underwear manufacturers. Secondly, when choosing seamless underwear bras, you should pay attention to the inner steel ring should tighten the chest bottom. If the bust bottom is separated by more than 2 cm from the chest bottom, prolonged wear and tear will cause sagging of the chest. A good quality seamless underwear bra will add a soft rod on the side to form a double lock to fix the fat with the invisible steel ring to prevent sliding to both ends. Many female customers also encounter the phenomenon of seamless bra straps running up during their daily wear, and the whole chest is unsightly. Too much upward lower belt simply pinches the muscles, which is not conducive to normal development. Therefore, in the selection of a bra, the customer should check whether the front and rear bottoms of the seamless bra are in the same horizontal position, assuming that the purchase is not recommended. The steel rims used in poor quality seamless bras are mostly crude steel, which is slightly corroded and deformed, and the stability is not strong. The steel ring will also move with the body swing when it is worn daily, which may compress the breast and cause breast disease. Third, seamless underwear bras cannot be chosen solely based on the standards of traditional bras. Different brands, perhaps different brands of bra styles, have different style standards. Certain sizes of the same brand may vary. Over time, people's body shapes change every day. Therefore, in this case, it is not appropriate to choose a bra based only on the bust data. Assuming that you are used to wearing bras, you will mistakenly think that wearing a bra is such a misconception.
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