Underwear custom manufacturers teach you how to choose the right underwear for you

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-07
Recently, a media reported an article about '95% of women don't know how to wear underwearMaybe we don’t know that some of the things we think are right are actually wrong. Underwear is very important for human body protection. So, what kind of underwear should we wear and how should we wear underwear? Next, the underwear manufacturer will tell you. 1. The importance of underwear 1. The bra can support and support the breasts, which is conducive to the blood circulation of the breasts. For mothers, it can not only increase milk volume, but also avoid mastitis and mastitis. 2 The bra protects the nipples from bruises and pain. 3. Protect the breasts from sagging. 4. Reduce breast vibration during exercise and running. 5. In winter, it can prevent cold wind from entering the skin and catching a cold. 2. Mistakes during purchase 1. Do not try on before buying. Many women have no habit of trying on bras before buying, especially online shopping. If you see the price, you can buy it directly from the Internet. Wearing a small and tight bra for a long time will affect local blood and lymphatic circulation; and too loose underwear will cause the chest to sag. Experts remind women that they must try more when buying bras. 2. Too superstitious body shaping effect Wearing underwear can satisfy women's pursuit of beauty, but beauty often requires a price. Fat is composed of fat cells. When fat cells are squeezed and flattened, fat follows the flow. uses this fat flow principle to shape the body. Long-term wear of Bodysuit will hinder the natural development of body fat, and the oppressed parts will lead to insufficient blood supply? Fibrosis. Therefore, some women believe that the tighter shapewear is? The longer the wear time, the better the effect. This idea is very wrong.
However, with the increased prevalence of custom swimsuits, it has become far more affordable.
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Even full cup Bra are being made fine with advanced equipment.
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