Underwear custom manufacturers teach you how to choose comfortable underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-07
Comfortable underwear is closely related to women’s life. Choosing a suitable underwear will affect your lifelong health and beauty. Remember that the former university body teacher told us in the last class: Girls must have a certain choice of underwear, here is the choice It's not that big-name underwear that must cost a few hundred dollars a piece, but refers to underwear that suits you. The teacher repeatedly emphasized that there is no absolute measurement value to represent the standard of beauty. Everyone can find their own balanced size. As long as they learn to choose the underwear that suits them correctly, they can immediately outline the perfect body shape. But it should be emphasized that no matter what kind of personal body type, you must choose the appropriate size underwear when buying underwear. If the size of the underwear is too small, there will be double breasts on the front, and the back will be strangled with marks. These extra fats will circle around, making it impossible to see the smooth 'S' curve from your body. And the underwear is too big not only can't help you modify your body shape, but also your breasts will become loose and sagging under the condition of long-term lack of underwear support. Buying a slightly better underwear, suitable for you, can shape your body well and make you more confident. Even a normal T-shirt will look very stylish. Nowadays, there are many chain stores of customized underwear manufacturers. How did you choose? 1. Do you not pay much attention to the subdivision of the cup cover? Do you never try on underwear for fear of trouble or embarrassment? 2. Do you not pay attention to the length of the shoulder strap? 3. Do you wear underwear that is one size smaller in order to shape your cleavage? 4. Do you prefer patterned underwear instead of design rationality and material comfort? First, when you are not sure about the size of your underwear, please try it in the formal monopoly. When trying on underwear, the shopping guide will ask you if you need her to look at it for you. If you feel that your method is not right , You can ask her to teach you how to properly adjust your underwear. Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone is a girl. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. And since the cups are subdivided into AB, there must be their truth. If you try it, you will know whether you should choose A or B. Second, if you do not pay attention to the adjustment of the shoulder straps, the cup height will be different. If you continue to do this for a long time, it will damage your body and cause the left and right breasts to be asymmetry. Third, wearing a small size underwear may result in plump breasts and protruding cleavage, but tightening the body is like 'punishing the breast-room'. Over time, it will cause poor blood supply and pressure on the breasts. Sexual pain, leading to diseases such as breast hyperplasia. Fourth, underwear underwear is the clothes that are worn inside. We don't wear underwear outside, so we don't need too many patterns, such as full of lace, hollow patterns, etc., I think the intimate texture and comfort are more important. This is not to say that there is no certain element color for underwear. You can choose a lot of colors, but the design conforms to the convention and comfort is the first choice. Choosing a suitable underwear will affect your lifelong health and beauty. On the contrary, wearing the wrong underwear is equivalent to destroying your body every day, and more importantly, affecting your health and physical beauty.
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