Underwear custom manufacturer: What is the difference between the front buckle and the back buckle underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-13
When it comes to girls' underwear, the traditional styles are generally back button styles, but with the development of fashion trends, the front button underwear styles, once they appear, are also warmly welcomed by girls. In addition to launching personalized new styles, what is the difference between front button underwear and back button underwear? Underwear customization manufacturers talked to everyone: First, the method of taking off the underwear before buckling seems to be warmly welcomed by many lazy girls, especially in the cold winter. If the front button underwear loosens the chest button before going to bed, you will get a complete release of pressure, and it will be happy the next morning, and there is no need to shakily take off and wear underwear. But back buckle underwear also has its own advantages, that is, back buckle can better adjust the shape of the chest, and the sense of belonging is much better than that of front buckle underwear. 2. Weight-bearing capacity Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of back buckle underwear will be better, because the back strap and back buckle are adjusted to the best ratio, and the net weight of the breast will be distributed to the shoulders, so the back buckle underwear will have a stronger anti-relaxation effect. . The front button underwear, because the chest is also designed with buttons, the load on the buttons will be looser, and the actual carrying effect is slightly worse. 3. The adapted groups are different. The front button underwear, because it is convenient and comfortable to wear, is more suitable for lazy girls. Although the front button underwear has a general carrying capacity, the actual effect of collecting interference is very good. Therefore, girls with smaller breasts will be very suitable for wearing paper, but for Big girls adjust underwear factories also do not recommend choosing front button underwear, because the difference in weight is more likely to cause relaxation and breast expansion. Therefore, for girls with big breasts, back button underwear is a better choice.
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