Underwear Brand Discuss the Status and Future of OEM of Ladymate Underwear Factory

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-08
The Ladymate Underwear Factory Association held a council meeting. In addition to entrepreneurs in the underwear industry, government officials in charge of the economy also attended the meeting. This meeting announced the plan and progress of the association's annual work. In addition, it also announced the government's specific support measures for Ladymate underwear companies. In fact, the challenges and confusion experienced by underwear entrepreneurs, although they do not have detailed and verifiable financial reports like listed companies, the fact that the performance of major brands of Ladymate underwear has declined is well known. After more than ten years of foreign OEM and nearly two decades of brand operation, Ladymate underwear has been hailed as the cradle of the 'second-tier' brand by the industry. Today, the cradle of this 'second-tier' brand seems to have returned to the OEM of twenty years. The difference in the times is that this time, domestic OEMs accounted for the majority. As an underwear cluster, the area of u200bu200bLadymate is not large, and underwear companies are densely distributed on several main roads of Ladymate such as Lian'an Avenue, Ladymate Avenue, Hexi Avenue, Yongqing Road, Suiyan Road, etc. There are many streets on both sides of the street. With all kinds of OEM OEM advertisements, OEM OEM exhibition halls large and small are also scattered on both sides of the street. Shantou underwear factory is different from the previous simple OEM. Most of the OEM targets in this round are domestic enterprises. Brands, chains, micro-businesses, e-commerce, or agents and terminal operators have all become Ladymate OEMs. customer of. The provision of OEM services is no longer limited to small and medium-sized enterprises, and some large enterprises that operate brands are also involved. 'More than 90% of the brands of Ladymate underwear are'walking on two legs.'' A professional manager who did not want to be named told the underwear channel reporter. What he said 'two legs' refers to brands and OEMs. In fact, it has always been a secret and well-known fact that Ladymate is doing branding and OEM manufacturing at the same time. In recent years when the general environment is not ideal, brand performance has declined severely, and the income generated by OEM has increased greatly. Many companies even admit that the performance of their brands is not ideal, and they are basically supported by OEM business. With the rise of regional chains and the crazy development of micro-business, the OEM trend has become more and more popular, and it has become the new business card of Ladymate underwear. This is in contrast to the atmosphere where Ladymate companies hyped up the brand in the past few years. Now, Ladymate underwear companies don't seem to talk about brands anymore, and the brand is less ambitious than in previous years. On the one hand, the performance of the underwear OEM brand is sluggish, and on the other hand, the demand for OEM is strong. The 'walking on two legs' Ladymate underwear seems to be out of balance.
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