Underwear always runs up? That's because you didn't wear underwear, right!

by:LADYMATE     2021-12-05
When many women wear underwear, they will encounter a problem: underwear will always run up! Such a problem is really embarrassing. Why does the underwear run up? How should this situation be avoided? Why does the underwear run up after wearing it for a long time? Let’s take a look: 1. In this case, the bottom circumference is too loose and does not really serve as a wrapper. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the bottom circumference loses elasticity due to the underwear being worn for too long, or The original bottom circumference of the underwear does not match the wearer's bottom circumference.   If you wear it for too long, you need to change underwear; if it is the latter, you need to re-measure your upper and lower circumference data, and then buy the underwear again after getting the cup data.  2. The cup is too small or the underwear is too thick.   Underwear is too thick, because the shape of the breast that the cup itself can hold is seriously inconsistent with the shape of the breast. When we move a little bit, the underwear will run off the track.   At this time, you need to re-measure the upper and lower circumferences, or choose to buy thinner underwear. The following Foshan Boxin Clothing-Underwear Custom Manufacturers will share with you: How to judge whether underwear is suitable?   1. Will your breasts overflow from the upper part of your underwear?  2. Will the bra straps get stuck in your skin?  3. Does the bra feel particularly tight, as if you can’t breathe.   4. Is the bra loose, no matter how you adjust it, the shoulder straps will fall off?   5. Is it possible to easily put two fingers into the side of the bra and the shoulder strap?  If the above situation occurs, it means you should buy new underwear.
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