u200bAdjustable underwear factory teaches you the difference between swimsuits and underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-08-31
Adjustable underwear factory swimsuits can be worn as underwear. Underwear should be close-fitting, tight, sweat-absorbing, and cotton swimsuits are too tight and do not absorb sweat, so they are not recommended. Besides, the uncomfortable clothes of tight-fitting underwear are also conducive to blood circulation. As long as you like it, what can't it? Only dryness and perspiration are completely different. Swimsuits are used in water and there is no need to calculate your perspiration and wetness. The most important thing about swimsuits is beauty and anti-glare. No, because the nylon fabric of the swimsuit is not good for the skin of the leather swimsuit factory. It is best not to wear it. Also, when choosing underwear, it is best to choose cotton because the lace is very bad for the skin. Be careful! What are the differences between swimsuits and underwear? The difference between swimsuits and underwear is mainly in three aspects: function, fabrics and appearance styles. 1. With different functions, foreign trade underwear factory swimsuits should be suitable for underwater sports. This requires swimsuits to be waterproof, flexible, and have low resistance to water during underwater sports. In order to achieve this, swimsuits will Designed into a very tight-fitting style. The most important thing about underwear is to be comfortable and not too tight, so it is skin-friendly, breathable, and hygroscopic. Keep the skin dry at any time. 2. The material selection angles of different swimsuits and underwear fabrics are completely opposite, which is mainly reflected in the hydrophilicity of the fabrics. Swimwear is often made of DuPont Lycra, nylon, polyester and other waterproof and elastic fabrics, while underwear is mostly made of pure cotton fabrics with good water absorption. 3. Swimsuits with different appearances pay more attention to the visual effect in the design of outer wear. The material is relatively thick, the appearance is fashionable, and there are many styles and patterns. The underwear is worn inside, the material is lighter and thinner, mainly in solid colors, and the style is not as much as that of swimsuits. Swimsuits are generally only worn for swimming in summer, while underwear are worn all year round. Swimsuits cannot replace underwear. The original swimsuit factory does not have the breathability and moisture absorption of shapewear. Similarly, underwear cannot replace swimsuits. The reason is Underwear does not have the water resistance of swimwear, and pure cotton underwear becomes translucent after absorbing water, which is easy to cause embarrassing situations. 4. Precautions for wearing swimsuits. Avoid running out. Do a little exercise or swim in the water. A little carelessness will make a sexy swimsuit become an embarrassing concubine. Want to avoid running out, be careful and meticulous in the test, carefully observe your actions, and carefully prepare fitting clothes. 5. Clear hair. For bikinis with extremely exposed skin, it is necessary to clean excess hair, such as underarms, arms, swimsuits, legs, and other parts. When removing hair, pay attention to prevent scratches, and be careful of the influence of bacteria in water. Recovery has a certain impact. 6, anti-ultraviolet rays should be careful not to let your skin be damaged by the strong sunlight. When you are on the beach, you should apply more than 50 times of sunscreen and stick to reapply every 30 minutes to achieve the best sunscreen effect.
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