Swimwear manufacturers raise common questions about knitted swimwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-29
Fiber content is the main unqualified item in swimwear product spot check, and the pass rate is much lower than other spot check items. The main reasons for the unqualified fiber content are: 1. First, the detection of fiber content requires a high level of technical personnel. Most enterprise laboratories cannot establish corresponding self-inspection capabilities, and enterprises are unwilling to determine the content of raw materials used For those who submit for inspection or are unwilling to submit inspections in batches, in production, they mostly use the fiber composition data provided by the supplier or the estimated fiber composition data to make the product composition label, which is inaccurate; ② The enterprise makes a fiber content label, which is Mixed use on products produced with different raw materials and at different times. Or just mark it based on experience; ③Individual companies deliberately use inferior materials, knowing that the materials used are low-performance and low-value fibers, but deliberately mark them as high-performance, high-value fibers, or deliberately mark up the content of high-performance fibers and use low-grade fibers. Substandard products pretend to be high-grade products and mislead consumers. Color fastness to sea water is a color fastness item specially designed for swimwear. For swimwear with unqualified color fastness to sea water, the dye is easy to fall off during wearing or washing and maintenance, and it will stain light-colored clothes or transfer to the skin. This will affect the continued wearing of the swimsuit, and the dye molecules or heavy metal ions that fall off may be absorbed by the human body through the skin, affecting the health of the body. The reasons for unqualified color fastness are more complicated, such as incorrect selection of dyes, unqualified dyeing process, insufficient post-processing, etc. It is not excluded that some manufacturers use unqualified dyes or reduce some of them in order to save costs or backward technology. process, resulting in unqualified color fastness.
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