Swimsuit manufacturers teach you how to wear swimsuits to look thin

by:LADYMATE     2021-08-28
A-shaped body is not full of breasts is the trouble of many oriental women, women with small and flat breasts, if you want a swimsuit factory to make your breasts look fuller, you must choose some swimsuit style swimsuit factory with swimsuit factory pleats on the chest because it has a three-dimensional effect. The folds can make the chest look more rounded. If you want the effect to be more pronounced, you can choose brightly colored swimsuits such as pink and yellow to set off the white skin. Beauty salon underwear can make the lines more prominent. The B-shaped body is the most typical body shape of oriental girls. If you want to modify this body shape, you can try skirt swimsuits and split swimsuits, which can get the same effect as the swimsuit factory. The hem of the skirt swimsuit can play a covering role, but the width of the skirt that the swimsuit factory should pay attention to, too tight can only have the opposite effect. The split swimsuit weakens the contrast between the waist and the crotch due to the split in the middle, thus accentuating the thin waist and reducing people's attention to the wide crotch. If the buttocks are plump, you should choose a flat-footed or short-skirt swimsuit, with a more exaggerated pattern on the upper body, which can effectively conceal the fat buttocks. Because exaggerated patterns have the effect of diverting eyes, and shorts or skirts can effectively hide the plump buttocks, swimsuit manufacturers play a modified effect. c. Thicker lower body For women with thicker waists and lack of lines, no matter what swimsuit you wear, you only need to know the color matching to get the effect of narrowing the waist line. A swimsuit with different colors or patterns on the upper and lower body is the best match, which can effectively highlight the contour of the waist and make the curve more exquisite. You can also choose to wear a three-point or two-piece head to shift the visual focus to the up and down position, so the waist looks a little slender. Women with strong legs like players can wear some high-cut swimsuits. Although this will fully expose the legs, it will visually make the legs look slender and make the lines more beautiful, or wear the styles of Bodysuit manufacturers with thin straps on both sides of the pants. Make the legs look longer. Secret weapon: Wear less one-color swimsuit, and the pattern on the waist can distract your eyes. Avoid wearing flat feet or shorts-shaped styles, the legs will appear shorter. The busty body should be equipped with a one-piece swimsuit. For the busty lady, wearing a swimsuit will always feel uncomfortable and often afraid of running out. It's okay to consider the style of a one-piece swimsuit, which can lengthen the lines of the figure and reduce the chance of getting out. Secret weapon: the horizontal pattern can make the plump upper circumference look flatter, and the two together can make the lines more uniform and natural. Finally, I remind everyone that there are also precautions when wearing branded underwear foundry swimsuits: 1 Red taboo-red swimsuits are often taboo for women. Because of the light-colored relationship, and the fabric is not thick enough, there will be embarrassing situations when you hit the water. Pay attention when buying. 2Choose a thick texture, you can pull it hard to test the thickness of the fabric; 3Prevent the use of latex stickers, if the swimsuit texture is too thin, you will see it;
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