Swimsuit Factory: The Basics of Swimsuits

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-30
Swimsuit Factory: Basic knowledge of swimsuits Women's swimwear can be roughly divided into a one-piece triangle, 8 can not be dried with a dryer. One-piece four-corner, split two-section, split three-piece, one-piece skirt and other five categories. Swimsuit Factory Swimsuit Factory First, the color of the swimsuit The color of the female swimsuit needs to be combined with the trend. In response to the trend of younger swimwear, the color currently used is mainly 'high-brightness'. High-brightness pastel colors, such as 'soft pink', 'aqua blue' and even 'chromatic white' are widely used. 2. Swimsuit washing: Most swimwear washing: use cold water (not more than 30 degrees warm water) by hand.>Swimsuit factory wash and air dry. Immerse the swimsuit in clean water below 30 degrees, then add a little mild detergent, rub gently with your hands after 10 minutes, then wash it completely with clean water, wring it out slightly, and place it in a cool place to dry. Dry. Note: Do not use hot swimsuit factory water, washing machine to unstir, and put it in the sun to dry. Never use detergents such as soap, washing powder, laundry detergent or bleach. Because most detergents contain bleach and fluorescent agents, if they are used, they will destroy the color of the swimsuit and also damage the elasticity characteristics. 3. Maintenance of swimwear: Swimwear is like fashion in a swimsuit factory. Careful maintenance is required to prolong the life of a swimsuit. First of all, the correct maintenance knowledge is indispensable: 1. The salinity of sea water, the chlorine in the swimming pool, chemicals and oils Will destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit. When using sunscreen, wear a swimsuit and then apply sunscreen. Wet the swimsuit with clean water before entering the water to reduce damage. After swimming, you should rinse your body before taking off the swimsuit. 2. Remember not to put the wet swimsuit in the bag for a long time to avoid thermal fading or odor. It should be washed by hand with clean water and lightly rubbed, and then dried with a towel and dried in a cool place that is not exposed to direct light. 3. Do not use washing machine, dehydration or sun exposure, and do not use dryer, so as not to damage the material and cause deformation. 4. Washing powder, bleach will destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit and should be absolutely avoided. 5 After wearing a swimsuit, avoid sitting on rough surfaces such as mud, sand, rocks, etc., which will easily cause the skin of the swimsuit to wear, which will damage the life of the swimsuit. 6. It is best to wash the salt powder, sand, chloride, sun oil, sunscreen lotion and its corrosive substances on the swimsuit with clean water on the spot when the swimsuit is taken off after playing in the water; these will damage and erode the material of the swimsuit . 7. The swimsuit that has just been taken off should not be wrung out. It can be rolled into a dry towel to absorb too much water; do not put it in a bag or in the trunk of a car for a long time to avoid thermal fading. Hand wash with clean water and air dry to avoid mold and odor. So as not to damage the swimsuit material and deform the swimsuit; you can lay the swimsuit flat on the dry towel, let the towel absorb the moisture on the swimsuit, do not curl the wet swimsuit and put it on the swimsuit factory.
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