Swimsuit Factory: If you like swimming, how much do you know about swimwear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-30
Swimsuit Factory: If you like swimming, how much do you know about swimwear? The scorching summer is approaching quietly. Are those who love swimming already eager to take a dip in the water? Before entering the water, choosing a suitable swimsuit is a compulsory course for swimmers. So how much do you know about the swimsuit factory? I am afraid that except for the color and style, everything else is unknown. Below, I will popularize the relevant knowledge of swimwear for everyone, and help you to better choose and use! 1. Swimwear fabrics Spandex, nylon, and polyester are the most commonly used materials for swimwear. The manufacturing processes such as jacquard and hollow are inseparable from the elastic characteristics of these three types. However, at present, the materials of swimwear on the market are generally mainly spandex, and many of them will be added. Anti-ultraviolet, anti-chlorine, waterproof and other special properties. Spandex fabric: a man-made elastic fiber, generally composed of multiple filaments, the fabric with the best elasticity, can extend 6~7 times, has excellent ductility, and is 23 times stronger than latex silk, suitable for blending with various fibers , It can strengthen the texture and drape, and has excellent acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance. The international standard for the content of spandex yarn is about 18%, so swimsuits made of this material have very good elasticity. Now the popular spandex fabrics containing chlorine-resistant ingredients make swimsuits have a longer service life than ordinary swimsuits. Nylon fabrics: Although the texture is not as strong as spandex fabrics, its elasticity and softness are evenly matched. Many mid-priced swimwear products often use nylon fabrics. Polyester fabric: This is a one-way, two-way stretch elastic fabric. Due to the limitation of elasticity, it is mostly used in swimming trunks or split two-piece swimwear. . 2. Swimwear classification 1. Women's swimwear: Generally, it can be divided into five categories: one-piece triangle, one-piece four-corner, split two-section, split three-piece, and one-piece skirt. Following the trend, there are also some on the market. Women's swimwear in four-piece or special styles in a wide variety of styles and colors. 2 Men's swimming trunks: It can be roughly divided into briefs, flat pants, boxer pants, five-point pants, beach pants, etc. There are also jumpsuits and diving suit styles used in the design, and the colors are generally black and blue. main. 3 Children's swimwear: roughly the same as women's swimwear and men's swimming trunks, divided into two categories: girls' swimwear and boys' swimming trunks, and there are also some baby swimwear designs. 3. Washing and Maintenance of Swimwear Swimwear washing: first put the swimsuit in cold water or water below 30 degrees, add a little neutral and mild detergent, soak the swimsuit factory for a few minutes, then gently scrub by hand, and then rinse it completely with water , slightly wring it out and put it in a cool place to air dry. Swimsuit maintenance points: 1. Chlorine in the swimming pool, salt in seawater and chemical ingredients in cosmetics will damage the elasticity of the swimsuit, so I should wet the swimsuit with water before going into the water to reduce the damage. When using sunscreen, I should wear it first After swimming, you should wash your body with clean water before taking off the swimsuit; 2. Strong detergents such as washing powder and bleach will damage the elasticity and color of the swimsuit. Use a washing machine to wash, dehydrate, and avoid sun exposure, so as not to damage the material and cause deformation; 3. After the swimsuit is used, it is best to rinse it with water on the spot to remove the sand, chloride, salt, and sunscreen contaminated on the swimsuit. and other corrosive substances, so as not to damage the fabric of the swimsuit for a long time; 4. The swimsuit that has just been replaced should not be wringed out by hand, but can be placed in a dry towel to absorb too much water, and the wet swimsuit should not be stuffed for a long time. In a bag swimsuit factory, thermal fading and odor can result.
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