Swimsuit factory: Can a hot spring swimsuit be used for swimming?

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-31
Swimsuit factory: Can a hot spring swimsuit be used for swimming? Swimsuits don't actually distinguish between hot springs and swimming! Because 95% of the people who buy swimsuits in winter are for hot springs, the sellers of swimsuits will write hot spring bathing suits in winter. In fact, 95% of the people who buy swimsuits wear the same swimsuits in summer, and almost no one in summer. I bought a swimsuit for the hot spring, so I won’t write a hot spring swimsuit at this time. Of course, as long as it is a swimsuit, you can swim in a hot spring. If you have to tell the difference, you can divide it into the following points: First: some swimsuits The factory clothes are factory-style swimsuits for professional competitions. The fabrics of swimsuits for competitions such as swimwear factories are different from ordinary civilian swimsuits. They are tight and thin, and the chest pads can be removed. Some of them are swimsuits without chest pads. The swimsuits in the factory are designed for swimming and are not recommended for hot springs! Second: swimsuits for hot springs are mainly based on the beauty, beauty and fashion of swimsuit factories. Most of them choose swimsuits with skirts, bikinis, and gauze. If swimming is the mainstay, generally choose one-piece triangles and one-piece boxers. Class simple style, this is the difference in style! Third: Because the temperature of the hot spring is too high, the fabric of the swimsuit will be damaged to a certain extent, which will indirectly shorten the life of the swimsuit. This is unavoidable. Seeing here, you will definitely want to buy a cheap swimsuit to wear. Because the hot spring is exposed to high temperature, if you choose a cheap and low-quality swimsuit, you will not talk about whether it is suitable for your own style. Under high temperature, the inferior fabric will produce toxic substances. Choose branded swimwear, guaranteed!
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