Summer swimsuit purchase should master these tips

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-23
In summer, girls are bound to ask their girlfriends to go swimming or playing in the water, so swimsuits are a must, but many queens worry about the shortcomings that wearing swimsuits will be very easy to expose. So how to choose a swimsuit that is thin and skinny? I want to teach you today! [1] The design of the breasts makes the breasts of a plump girl inevitably thinner in a swimsuit. After all, everyone likes a curvaceous and sexy body. Later, remember to choose a chest design, such as wrinkles, lace edges, wavy frills, etc., which have a good design style that improves the actual effect of hunger, and can also improve the overall shape design and texture. A little sexy dress, suitable for girls with small breasts. The fold design developed on the top front makes the chest look more rounded and textured, fresh and natural. [2] Swimsuits have changed the arm wireframes. In recent years, there have been more and more styles of swimsuits. It looks traditional, but fashionable sports swimsuits are also very popular. In addition to the effect of sun protection, they also create weapons and equipment for slim arms. Except for this kind of loose-fitting swimsuits, there are also similar areas, which are both safe and fashionable. If you are not a cute little sexy and charming, this fitness sports series product swimsuit is especially suitable for you, don't look confused, but slender, decorative arms are slim, and also start to play with the actual effect of sun protection, there is no need to worry about small embarrassment , Moisture-proof and breathable performance is very strong. [3] The design of the tall body curve changes the body curve Some girls may have a thin body, with a small abdominal cavity and body fat in the abdominal cavity, so you must prepare in advance to match the design of high-waisted pants, which can not only cover the small belly of the swimsuit, but also lengthen the lower body % Of. Whether you have a small belly or a little girl, you can be pink! In order to cover the high figure curve of the small belly, this kind of disintegrating high-waisted swimsuit covers the abdominal cavity. The slim, high, simple but not simple design creates a sense of fashion. [Four] Sew swimsuits and flex and stretch the legs. The little girl must watch it here. The most important thing for a little girl to love is how to dress well. This is true for swimsuits. Remember to choose the split design on the long skirt, which mainly shows that the base of your thigh can increase the proportion of the lower body. Or the hollow carved design on both sides of the abdomen can display the ultra-thin part of the information and change the abdominal cavity and the abdominal wire frame. Whether there are many swimsuits with separate designs, but I still found one suitable for everyone. The highlight of this swimsuit is that the long skirt of the lower body swims and the proportion of the lower body can be lengthened. The separated design of the size you want from the base of the thigh is the big long legs!
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