Sticky bra, do you dare to wear it?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-30
The invention of the strapless bra is great. It not only allows women to show their beauty, but also makes it easy to wear a variety of clothes. But the sticky bra, have you seen it? If you are asked to bring it, will you feel like it will fall off? Strapless bras appeared in the 1930s, but it was only popular in the 1950s, because strapless evening dresses were popular at the time. However, the design proposed by Langs has only two separate cups and nothing else. Langs' background makes him seem like a person who can design women's underwear. He started by plating the grille of Cadillac and Ford cars in the past. He collaborated with industrial scientist Charles W. Walton to develop a stickable bra that can stay in place during use and there will be no adhesive residue when removed. Walton and Langs developed it for 4 years and applied for a patent on February 14, 1949. Langs said that even if the wearer jumped from a 10-foot platform, the bra can be firmly attached. However, things didn't go well after the product was launched, and soon the company became too big and difficult to manage. Langs sold the company to another company, Textron in the same year. Customers complained about the poor workmanship of the bra, the delayed delivery, and the bra not suitable for all women, especially those who are allergic to viscose, which means that the product will not be popular for too long. In 1952 Langs finally obtained a patent, but the adhesive bra was outdated.
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