Standards for correct wearing of sports bras

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-24
On the whole, wear a sports bra to exercise. Compared with ordinary underwear, whether the bouncing and bouncing of the chest is significantly reduced during the bounce. If it is not so large, it is still bought. Normally, there should be a significant improvement. When you exercise, you feel particularly squeezed, which affects your breathing. In this situation, you buy a small one. On the contrary, there is no intense sense of wrapping. If you wear it loosely, it is a manifestation of buying a large one. Ladymate underwear manufacturers talk about the correct wearing of sports underwear standards. Shoulder straps: When exercising, for example, raising your arms up and down, the shoulder straps should not slide down or pinched on the shoulders. There are adjustment buckles on the shoulder straps to ensure that the shoulder straps do not move freely and adjust to a comfortable state. Cup: full cup sports bra (generally there are more full cups, and the fixing effect is good), the chest should be completely wrapped, and will not run out during exercise. If the chest comes out from the top or side of the sports bra during exercise, it means the bra is too small; if the fabric on the cup is not supported and wrinkles, it means the bra is too big. Chest tip: Make sure that after wearing the sports bra, the nipple tip coincides with the raised part of the sports bra, so that it has a good fixation effect during exercise and will not cause discomfort due to conflict. Strap: It should fit well with the bottom circumference, and straighten your hands toward the top of your head. If the lower strap is moved up, it means that the size of the bra is too large or the shoulder straps need to be adjusted. If there are ditch buckles, make sure to have a row of buckles on the outside so that you can take a deep breath.
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