Sports fashion underwear tells you why you should wear sports underwear? Be clear! !

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-10
​ Sports fashion underwear tells why you should wear sports underwear! ! For girls who love sports, there is one thing that is indispensable! That's sports bra!​ Sports underwear is very important for girls, and some girls may wear ordinary underwear to exercise. Nowadays, many beauty-loving girls like to maintain their figure through exercise and fitness, but many girls also have such doubts, why do they have to wear sports underwear when exercising? What are the benefits of wearing sports bras? According to the 'China Women's Daily' report, physiologically speaking, if women do not wear sports bras during exercise, it will cause the chest to move violently for a long time, which will not only cause chest pain, but also easily cause chest shrinkage. Therefore, when women exercise at high intensity, wearing a well-fitting sports bra is an effective protection for the chest. Girls, stop hurting yourself! 4 Reasons You Need to Wear Sports Bras! 1. More comfortable If the underwear you usually choose fits, you should still feel comfortable even wearing underwear. But exercise is very, very demanding for comfort, as long as there is a little discomfort, it will often bring unwanted consequences to you. Like yoga, Pilates, boxing cardio or weight training, etc., you will bend your torso frequently, and at this time, you will prefer your sports bra to be unwired or elastic. In this case, sports bras are far more comfortable than traditional bras. Underwires aside, sports bras are softer and more wicking than regular bras. If you need more support, there are also wide shoulder straps, a wide hem, or a full-coverage design. It all adds up and you always have a more comfortable option for sports bras depending on your needs. Plus, because sports bras are designed to reduce shaking during exercise, your chest is less uncomfortable. In order to protect yourself and your fragile chest tissue, you must think about whether your sports equipment is adequate before exercising. If your budget is only enough to buy one thing, sports bra is your better choice. 2. Reduce shaking during exercise If you've ever worn regular underwear to exercise, you probably already know how uncomfortable it can be to have too much shaking in your chest. For girls, there are enough things to pay attention to in sports, and you should no longer want to worry about your boobs flying around. If your boobs keep shaking or hurting, it's really distracting! The shaking of the chest from high-intensity exercise can become severe, especially if your chest is particularly sensitive. Sports bras come in many unique designs to reduce sway during exercise. As long as you wear a well-fitting, properly supported sports bra, you can reduce shaking and feel the support and security that sports bras give you. 3. Your shoulder straps will never fall off again. Imagine if the straps of your underwear kept slipping off your shoulders while you were in a boxing aerobic class, would you want to take off your underwear on the spot? Throw it aside. One of the handy things in all sports bra designs: non-slip shoulder straps. Because the shoulder straps of sports bras are designed to keep them in place, such as cross-style straps or competition-style straps, you don't have to worry about the straps sliding off you during any intensity of activity. shoulders. Even if you opt for a regular strap design, as long as it's a well-fitting sports bra, this won't happen. While at some point your everyday underwear may not slip either, we have additional requirements for sports bras for high-intensity exercise. In addition to the strap structure, the straps may be thicker or have additional padding for stability and comfort. 4. Protect your fragile chest tissue Research shows that the breast without support can move up to 15 cm during running, 50% of which is up and down movement, and 25% left and right and 25% front and back. In the long run, it may induce chest pain and breast atrophy. It can be seen that female friends must not ignore the feeling of the breast when doing strenuous exercise, and should take protective measures, otherwise the consequences will be serious. The female breast is a relatively special organ. It is mainly composed of soft tissues such as connective tissue, fat, and mammary glands, but lacks the hard tissue that supports bone. Therefore, the reason why the breast can be fixed in front of the chest wall is all due to the credit of the 'breast suspensory ligament', which supports and fixes the breast. During exercise, excessive chest movement can cause the breast to stretch and deform, and the suspensory ligament is injured at this time. Once the suspensory ligament of the breast is damaged for a long time, it may rupture,This causes the breasts to sag. Sports bras can better protect your breasts during exercise than regular bras. The function of ordinary underwear is mainly to reshape and enhance the appearance of breasts, while the purpose of sports underwear is to reduce the movement of female breasts as much as possible during exercise and reduce the impact of strenuous exercise on the breasts. The above is the relevant information collected by the sports fashion underwear Ladymate clothing editor, I hope to help you!!
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