Six functions of body shaping underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-13
1. Breast enhancement-body shaping underwear to prevent breast deformation. High elastic fabric and U-shaped breast support design can effectively lift the deformed, expanded, and drooping breast shape. The auxiliary milk is coated at the same time, and the height is concentrated, and the breasts are enlarged and beautiful. 2. Stomach-can prevent overeating. The high-waisted and long-length design combines super elastic fibers to instantly condense the protruding abdomen and create a perfect curve in an instant. I hope to join the party right away, and I don’t want to miss the food. This is undoubtedly the ideal emergency must-have. Third, the abdomen-can prevent the waist from becoming thick. According to ergonomics, medical and aesthetic tests, women’s abdomen has more fat, and reasonable and scientific pressurized fabrics can effectively improve the firmness of the skin, slimming the body, shaping slim and beautiful shadows, firming the body, and demonstrating slim charm. The figure is more feminine and sexy. Fourth, warm palace-shapewear can prevent backaches. The honeycomb weaving process is more breathable and moisture-absorbing, creating a microcirculation system. On special days, it feels warm and comfortable! Fifth, buttocks-can be rounded up the buttocks. The three-dimensional hip cup design guides the buttocks fat to the best position. At the same time, the left and right buttocks use a strong pressure structure to shrink the outer flesh inward, effectively tightening the buttocks fat, and even more round and upturned buttocks. Sixth, fat collection-fabrics also have a friction grease that can burn excess fat. The femur inner tightening band can effectively tighten the loose flesh inside the femur and make the femoral muscle firm and elastic.
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