Sharing knowledge of girls' underwear!

by:LADYMATE     2021-12-03
In the early stage of development, the breast germ under the nipple begins to grow, showing a prominent dome-shaped bulge, like a bowl of a crossing, very hard, and there will be pain, slight swelling, pain or itching feeling when touched. The girl at this time is more shy, and shy to ask for advice. If the breasts develop better and faster, they would bend their waists even when walking, and would not dare to straighten their chests. At this time, if a girl chooses underwear that is not suitable for her, it will have a bad influence on her. Foshan Boxin Clothing-Underwear Custom Manufacturer reminds girls to pay attention to the following three points: 1. Wearing underwear will help. If you don’t wear underwear for a long time during the development process, it will cause abnormal breast development. 2. Underwear has a protective effect. Girls usually exercise more during adolescence and also tend to exercise vigorously. 3. For girls who are developing, not wearing underwear should be more embarrassing and embarrassing than wearing underwear. Because wearing underwear can play a role in concealment and avoid bumps. And not wearing underwear will lead to breast manipulation, ligament strain, hunchback, dysplasia, nipple depression, induced breast hyperplasia and other breast diseases.
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