Shantou underwear manufacturers teach you how to wear a bra correctly?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-25
Judging whether a bra is suitable or not is actually directly related to the shape of your chest. Different breast shapes have different styles. For example, if you have serious sagging, you should choose a full cup with strong lifting power. Powerful three-quarter cups, etc., and so on. 1. The shoulder straps often fall. There may be two reasons for this phenomenon. If the bra is too small or loose, the shoulder straps are prone to slipping after moving up. The other is to choose the wrong shoulder strap style. Everyone has different shoulder styles, such as wide shoulders, narrow shoulders, flat shoulders, shaved shoulders, etc. Different shoulder styles are suitable for different styles, such as those with shaved shoulders. Pay special attention to the shoulder strap design of the bra not to be too outside, and to choose those retractable designs, so that it is not easy to slide down. Another common mistake about shoulder straps is that they are too narrow and too loose. You know, most of the chest lifting is brought by the shoulders, so the wider the shoulder straps, the stronger the tension, the better. The ones that are too thin are purely for decorative purposes, and the lifting force is minimal. If things go on like this, your beautiful, strong breasts will definitely hang down more and more. Hehe, it's not an occasional alarmist. 2. Once the bra with indentation on the chest is untied, there is an obvious mark of underwire on the chest. This is even more obvious, directly indicating that the cup selection of the bra is too small. You know, the steel ring is like a frame. It should fit the chest contour and give it a supporting force, but if it is too small on the chest, it will give it the fat that originally belonged to the chest like cutting tofu. After cutting it out, the breast will become smaller and smaller. You should know that 70% of the breast is fat. If fat is reduced, the breast will shrink naturally. 3. The upper edge of the cup is too large or the chest is too empty, indicating that the cup is too large, and pressing the chest indicates that the cup is too small. It's clear at a glance. Fourth, the breast cup often moves up. This problem is very common. It is often seen in public places that JM pulls the bra down unconsciously. Haha, this is usually because the bottom edge of your bra is too loose, or the size of the bra is selected incorrectly, and the breast cup is too shallow and can only float on your chest like a plate. So when you raise your hand, the bra will naturally follow. 5. There is a mark on the back. This is also a very intuitive problem. It usually means that the bottom edge is too tight and the size needs to be enlarged. Or the bottom edge is too narrow, it is easy to be pulled in, causing strangulation. Try to change to those bras with widened straps. One is to increase the support and fixation, and the other is to disperse and balance fat. Probably these are the five. If the sisters find that they have these problems, they should immediately go to some real professional underwear store to re-purchase. At the very least, it is necessary to figure out what size bra is suitable. of.
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