Shantou high-end body pants brand recommendation

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-15
Bodywear custom manufacturer Shantou's high-end body pants brand recommendation. Generally speaking, the material of a good seamless body shaping underwear needs to have the following characteristics: heat resistance (heat resistance), water resistance (washable), not easy to damage (durable), It has the characteristics of strong stretch (high elasticity), sweat absorption, breathability, close-fitting, non-transformation, anti-static, etc. In addition, it must be fit and able to adjust to a beautiful curve. From this we can see the advantages of seamless shapewear: it is comfortable to wear for a long time without restraint, can adapt to the daily life of women's body, will not be out of shape in activities, and maintain a beautiful curve. Modern society advocates a healthy life, and only health can be beautiful. Women’s choice of underwear should be loose, comfortable, breathable, non-irritating to the human body, and free of harmful substances as the primary criteria. Here I would like to recommend female friends to wear natural fiber underwear. People's body shape should rely on exercise to keep fit, rather than relying solely on shapewear to keep in shape. If you want to shape your body shape with Bodysuit, you must choose a regular branded underwear manufacturer that has guaranteed various indicators. How do women with sagging breasts choose a bra? People who have sagging breasts are often due to their high breasts, but their breast muscles are loose. If you don't wear a bra, they will have sagging breasts over time. To restore the original fitness of the chest, first you have to choose a bra that is one size larger than usual, and try to use bras with reinforced rims and side bras to strengthen it and support it from bottom to top, but pay attention , Whether the width of the shoulder straps can meet the weight of the support, so that the breasts can be raised to a suitable position, and attention should be paid to fill the breasts into the cups. This type of women should choose full cup bras, because full cup bras, Have the ability to set off your sagging breasts. Underwear is in direct contact with human skin, and the moisture absorption, softness of texture, color depth, and choice of clothing styles of clothing materials directly affect the health of human skin. Regarding, the average person's upper body has about 50 to 5,000 microorganisms per square centimeter of skin, and there are more of them in the lower body. People's sweat after work and labor stays on clothes and skin, which can accelerate the growth of bacteria. These bacteria and their metabolites not only emit foul smells, they can also infect or irritate the skin and affect skin health. Different textile materials have different moisture absorption rates. For underwear materials, due to poor moisture absorption, the sweat of the skin is not easily absorbed and evaporated by the fabric. After the sweat remaining on the skin evaporates, it will leave residues such as salt, clogging the pores and irritating the skin. Easily cause 'chemical fiber dermatitis.' Behind the dilemma of apparel companies, a phenomenon that cannot be ignored is that China's status as the world's factory is gradually disappearing. Affected by factors such as rising labor costs and the appreciation of the renminbi, more and more international clothing brands have shifted their orders to Vietnam, Indonesia, and some emerging labor markets in Africa. In this context, domestic apparel companies should shift from bra OEM to independent research and development of brands. The advantage of making bra OEM is that the risk is small, but the disadvantage is that the profit margin is small; making a brand can get more profits. At this year's Canton Fair, some participating companies said that in recent years, Chinese textile and apparel companies have emerged a number of export products with high technology content and independent brands, which are welcomed by the international market. Although the factory’s export market is still dominated by bra OEMs, the proportion has dropped to 70%, 30% have gradually been making brands, and the domestic market is mainly making brands. When making bra OEM, the factory can easily finalize the shape. One or two billion yuan a year will have reached the ceiling, but if you are a brand, there is no sales limit, and the profit is three to five times that of bra OEM.
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