SF Express spends 100 million to customize Nike brand work clothes for employees and think of underwear manufacturers for management

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-11
In the past two days, in the 2017 underwear manufacturer Ladymate knitting circle of friends, the news that SF Express has done something that surprised other companies, and even spent nearly 100 million yuan to customize the staff with a unit price of more than 2,000 yuan. Nike workwear. It makes people feel that SF Express is really kind to its employees. The underwear processing industry also needs more personnel, and the turnover of personnel is also more frequent. Many underwear manufacturers are desperately recruiting people, and at the same time, they are constantly leaving their jobs. Too frequent and sensitive personnel movement is not a good thing for an underwear manufacturer, because every employee who joins an underwear manufacturer has a time to familiarize himself with the products of the factory. In this process, the underwear factory often needs to pay. It takes time to train employees, and even pay for the mistakes made by employees in the underwear processing process. When employees just get familiar with the factory, they leave again, which is a loss for underwear manufacturers. Through careful observation, we can see that the employees of underwear manufacturers frequently move, which to a certain extent reflects that there are certain deficiencies in the management of underwear manufacturers. In fact, for an underwear manufacturer, employees are the wealth of the enterprise, and employees can create value for the enterprise, and the enterprise can develop. Therefore, caring for employees is actually caring for the enterprise itself to a certain extent. It is not difficult to see that SF Express really cares about employees. I still remember that in 2016, a SF boy accidentally slapped a car while delivering goods, and was slapped a few times by the owner of the car. Wang Wei immediately made a high-profile statement on this matter:“I, Wang Wei, declare to all my friends! If this matter is not pursued to the end, I am not fit to be the president of SF Express! He also attended the media exchange meeting for the first time on the second day of the incident, saying: Such rude people must not be allowed to treat SF couriers and people in the express industry in this way. Second, on the day SF Holding went public, Wang Wei deliberately brought the SF boy who was beaten to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to ring the bell, and threw more than one billion yuan in real money to give red envelopes to employees on that day. Including this time, SF Express spent 100 million to customize Nike brand work clothes for employees. Some people say that changing work clothes can reduce the turnover rate. This effect needs to be considered, but a company that cares about employees will definitely make employees work harder. Let's look back at the management of employees by underwear manufacturers. In fact, whether the outstanding talents of an underwear manufacturer are willing to stay in the company and work hard for the development of the company, they consider not only the salary, but also more welfare benefits, especially if the company really treats them with heart. Therefore, not only salary, but also more benefits are considered, especially underwear manufacturers who really treat them with heart. Returning to the essence of management, in fact, is to attach importance to human nature. We often say that caring is good control, and moving has infinite power. Don't blindly deduct wages, set performance, and various rules and regulations.“Constrained management“If you can’t control them, general welfare guarantees are also difficult to motivate, especially for the post-90s, all you can do is exchange your heart for your heart. Therefore, underwear manufacturers really want to make employees work hard for the company, so they should start from the working scenes and actual work needs of underwear manufacturers to design welfare and caring actions that fit human nature and help them put When their emotions and subjective consciousness are mobilized, they can spontaneously increase their enthusiasm for work after being drunk, and return underwear manufacturers with higher enthusiasm. --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting Contribution Copyright (Ladymate Knitting)
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