Several tips for underwear cleaning and nursing

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-16
As a piece of clothing for women, underwear is not only a cover for the breasts, but also related to the physical and mental health and beauty of all breasts. For women, wearing suitable and comfortable underwear is like having a boyfriend who cherishes oneself and has a sense of belonging. How much do you have professional knowledge for underwear? Today, everyone from Ladymate garment-underwear processing factory manufacturing, undergarment customization, and undergarment OEM manufacturers are talking about a few tips about underwear. 1. Good at hand washing promises me that no matter how tired, sleepy or uncomfortable you are, you must wash your underwear by hand. Hand washing is a safe and tidy method, and you should wash underwear separately from other clothes. Washing with a fully automatic washing machine is not only very easy to deform, but also mixed with other clothes and pants, which is very susceptible to germs in other clothes. 2. The method of hand washing underwear should pay special attention to the cleaning of moulded cup underwear and bras. First, pour the neutral detergent into water at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius and rub each other with fabrics, soak for 3 minutes. Then you can pat it with your hands and knead, and then gently press out the waste water. Remember not to wash hard, or it will be washed out soon! Many women may want to wash a little, but don’t know that it will be washed out. Underwear! If the straps and bottom circumference are dirty, they can be cleaned with a special children’s toothbrush for children and children, and the intensity must be gentle. After washing, use a large cotton towel to encapsulate the underwear and slowly press it out. Necessary moisture, pull it to solve the shape of the underwear cup, and then air it. 3. Do not use washing powder. Washing powder contains strong petrochemical ingredients, such as luminous powder (fluorescent brightener), surfactant, etc. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to use washing powder to wash underwear. It is possible to choose soaps, medicated soaps that are relatively weak in irritation, and technical and professional underwear detergents that do not have petrochemical ingredients to wash underwear. 4. Dry underwear and do not need to dry underwear at will It is easy to hang until it is over. When drying, use a downward method to dry the underwear. As much as possible, do not expose to the sun to prevent the color of the underwear from changing, but you do not need to hang it in the shower room where the body is very humid. In order to prevent the moisture in the body from making the underwear moldy. 5. Frequent changing and washing of underwear In order to ensure the cleanliness of the skin and physical and mental health, the underwear must be changed frequently. In summer, a lot of sweating is very easy to adhere to germs and sweat dirt, usually one or two days. Change and wash once; in winter, the basal metabolism is slow and the sweat is less, and you can change and wash once in two to three days. 6. The application deadline of underwear Many people ignore the application deadline of underwear. Generally, they will not consider buying again until they are worn out and deformed. New underwear, this consciousness is actually wrong. Sweat and germs will adhere to the underwear during the whole process of wearing and washing. Even if it is often cleaned, it may not be clean and tidy. In order to better your physical and mental health, underwear The processing plant proposes to replace the old underwear once every six months. 7. When going to bed, do not wear underwear as much as possible. At night, the body exercise volume is reduced and the blood circulation system is relieved. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to restrict the body. It is recommended not to wear underwear at night, which is beneficial to the blood. Circulatory system, get adequate sleep quality.
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