Seven 'Don't' Sharing for Breast Maintenance

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-12
Having a moderately sized and strong breast is the hope of many people, not only that, but usually pay more attention to the maintenance of the breast, so as to make the breast beautiful and healthy. Do you know that the maintenance method is correct? Shantou Ladymate apparel-underwear processing and production, OEM underwear customization, shapewear manufacturers to share with you: the following maintenance 7 avoids to tell you ~   1, do not forcefully squeeze:    breasts are squeezed by external force There are two major drawbacks. One is that the soft tissues inside the breast are easily bruised or cause internal hyperplasia. Second, after being squeezed by an external force, it is easier to change the external shape, causing the rising breasts to sag down and so on. Sleeping position should be correct, preferably lying on the back, try not to lie on one side for a long time, it is easy to squeeze the breasts, and it is easy to cause the imbalance of bilateral breast development.  2. Don't wear inappropriate bras:   * Wearing a bra should not have a sense of depression. It is advisable to choose a model that can cover all the outer edges of the breast.  *The straps of bras should not be too loose or too tight.  *The protrusions of the bra are well-spaced. The bra is made of pure cotton, and chemical fiber fabric is not suitable.  3. Do not irritate the breasts with cold or hot bath water: The capillaries around the breasts are dense, and stimulation by hot or cold bath water will relax the soft tissues of the breasts and cause dry skin.   4. Don't let the nipple and areola area dirty: clean the breast frequently.   5. Don't over diet: most of the internal breast tissue is fat. If you go on a diet for the sake of slimness, it will make your breasts develop imperfectly. 6. Do not use hormone drugs for breast enhancement:    girls are in a period of vigorous growth and development. The ovaries secrete a lot of estrogen. If you choose estrogen drugs, although they can promote breast development, they also have some extreme potentials. Unfavorable risk factors may increase the possibility of cancer in the breast, vagina, and uterus.  7. Do not use long-term enrichment cream: Breast enrichment products generally use substances that contain more estrogen, which can be slowly absorbed by the skin when applied to the skin, thereby making the breasts plump. Short-term use generally has no major drawbacks. However, if it is used for a long time, the rotation of using different types of creams will bring undesirable consequences, such as irregular menstruation, hyperpigmentation, skin atrophy and thinning, and bile sweat acid.
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