Selection skills of shapewear

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-26
The following selection techniques for the bra manufacturers to talk about. To purchase, go to the counter, ask the underwear consultant to measure the size of each body circumference on the spot (not separated from the outer garment), and choose and try on different underwear according to the personal characteristics of the body, until the right one is selected. Therefore, the professionalism of underwear consultants plays a key role. Can't buy underwear with the last body measurement data, because the body is not static. It is also not possible to buy this brand with the body measurement data of that brand, because different brands may have different measurement methods and their size settings are also different. In the selection of fabrics, it is necessary to choose good air permeability. If you have a soft stick, you should choose a soft stick that is soft and elastic, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable to move after wearing it. Quality. There are many different brands of body shaping in the market, and the fabrics and workmanship are not satisfactory. Wearing close-fitting for a long time will have certain effects on the body. When choosing a body sculpt, pay attention: the sensitive part should be cotton. The tightness should not be too tight. Too tight will affect blood circulation, so you should choose a model with suitable tightness.
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