Selection of sports underwear and matters needing attention

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-29
Ladymate underwear manufacturers talk about the choice and precautions of sports underwear. This should match different exercise intensity to choose different sports underwear. Because the impact and flexibility of participating in different sports are different, low-intensity sports such as fitness, yoga, and walking, and high-intensity sports such as running, tennis, football, etc. must consider the different forces on the shoulders, and the squeeze feeling of the bra on the chest. And other elements. Consider choosing different materials and widths of shoulder straps, back buckles, etc., so when choosing sports underwear, we not only look at its beautiful appearance, but more importantly, its protective effect on our body. Therefore, when buying sports underwear, you must first try it on so that you can choose a suitable sports underwear. A sports bra that is too large or too wide will not be able to maintain its proper function, and sports underwear that is too tight or too small will be squeezed. On the chest, severe long-term wear may cause poor blood flow and endanger health. Other precautions for sports underwear Sweating during exercise is inevitable, and sweat-soaked underwear is not beautiful and affects the performance of sports. So the big feature of sports underwear is to absorb sweat, breathe, dehumidify, and deodorize, so choose a sports bra Generally, the fabrics used are mainly cotton. Generally speaking, sports underwear has better elasticity, which is conducive to the movement of the body's limbs.
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