Seamless underwear manufacturers teach you how to wear underwear on different occasions!

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-16
​ The seamless underwear manufacturer teaches you how to wear underwear on different occasions! Many women pay great attention to the matching of clothes, culottes, bags and shoes on different occasions, but they are very casual in the choice of underwear, almost 2 or 3 sets of underwear are worn from beginning to end.​ In fact, there are many skills in the wearing and matching of underwear. Different occasions have different needs for underwear. So how to match the wearing of underwear according to different occasions? 1. Workplace The underwear worn at work is mainly styled with simple fit and high stability. The color is suitable for inconspicuous colors such as white, rice, light pink, etc., giving a dignified and self-respecting impression. Don't inadvertently show the lines of your underwear when you raise your hands and feet at work. During normal work, because you often have to move, you should choose a comfortable standard bra. This upward-supporting, underwired bra can be used with any breast. Choose non-marking trousers (such as those with trousers) that will not highlight the marks of the underwear, and can prevent the accumulation of fat in the lower body due to prolonged sitting. 2. Leisure shopping occasions Fashionable and popular underwear can be given priority to when shopping. Try bolder styles and colors, such as long bras, vests, jumpsuits, and other styles worn over your underwear. But pay attention to the matching with the coat to create a unique style and charm. When engaging in leisure activities, the choice of underwear should pay special attention to the sweat absorption, ventilation, stability and elasticity of the material, whether it feels comfortable, whether it is free to move, etc. Hard underwear has strong support, which can avoid scratching the nipple due to excessive breast shaking when the action is violent. Sports bras can prevent excessive swaying of the breasts, and the shoulder straps have high stability, making them suitable for strenuous exercise. The underwear is a style that completely covers the buttocks and has good elasticity. 3. Comfortable home occasions Women often take off their underwear after returning home, in order to feel at ease. In fact, as far as health is concerned, when resting or sleeping, there is less physical activity and less blood circulation, so don't have any restraints. But for women with plump breasts, not wearing underwear will have the opposite effect. Because the weight of the chest tends to be biased towards the underarms during sleep, it is advisable to wear full-cup bras without wires and with a soft texture at this time.
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