Seamless underwear is becoming more and more trusted by women

by:LADYMATE     2021-08-29
What is seamless underwear What is the composition of seamless underwear What is seamless underwear? What are the ingredients of seamless underwear? Nowadays, there are seamless underwear products on the market, but many people are not clear about seamless splicing, and they do not know what underwear is considered seamless underwear. There are also many people who confuse seamless underwear with seamless underwear. So what exactly is seamless underwear? Let's talk about non-mark underwear first. Non-mark underwear means that the edge of the underwear is worn on the body, and the impression of the underwear cannot be seen. It pays attention to the invisible and close-fitting feeling of the trousers. The seamless underwear is produced by using novel professional equipment according to the weft knitting method. Most of the underwear is formed at a time. It applies the innovative technology of producing high-stretch knitwear jackets, underwear and high-stretch sportswear. The neck, waist, buttocks and other parts do not need seams, but the patch processing technology must be used as a subsequent process in the crotch area. It basically upgrades the comfort of clothes and the feel of the skin without any traces. So what is the difference between seamless underwear and general underwear? In terms of underwear, the seamless stitching of underwear means that there is no seam on the side, and the side of the underwear is usually seamed. Generally speaking, it is the difference whether there is surgical suture on the side. The seamless underwear of the underwear factory is a combination of comfort, caring, and fashion trends. The characteristics of seamless underwear in the underwear processing factory: (1) Close-fitting comfort: equipment programming and manufacturing, very little cutting, very few seams, reducing friction, improving comfort, and making it more intimate. (2) A lot of sweat and breathability: high-quality face cloth is selected, which is breathable and keeps the skin comfortable; it is washable and easy to dry. (3) Natural beauty: unique malleable components, not afraid of big movements, silky running, the actual effect of the upper body is uniform and natural, and there is no trace to relieve stress. (4)Environmental protection of physical and mental health: It can make all kinds of fibers present the best composition and use, and use environmental protection fabrics and sponges to make clothes healthier. The seamless splicing textile in the underwear processing factory is a synonym for comfortable physical and mental health, and has always been favored by women. In the sales market, the pricing of seamless underwear is also included in high-priced products. I firmly believe that in the near future, Chinese women will pay more and more attention to the physical and mental health of their breasts and trust seamless underwear more and more!
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