Seamless underwear factory shares the selection method

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-16
​ Seamless underwear factory shares that the so-called 'non-marking underwear' is the use of novel special equipment to produce one-time forming underwear, also known as 'underwear'. It uses high-tech in the production of high-elasticity knitted outerwear, underwear and high-elasticity sportswear, so that the neck, waist, buttocks and other parts do not need seams. It combines comfort, thoughtfulness, fashion, and change into one, which not only makes consumers love it, but also deeply impressed many international famous brand designers, becoming a source of inspiration.​ First of all, before buying, you must first know what the brand of seamless underwear is and whether it has passed the official registered trademark of the State Trademark Administration; secondly, whether the manufacturer of seamless underwear is a regular manufacturer, whether it has a business license and production The license, especially the production license, is a sign of the state's affirmation of the manufacturer's production equipment and technological level. The third and most crucial point is to see whether the seamless underwear has a quality inspection report issued by the relevant national quality inspection department, which is generally divided into four types: basic testing, microbial testing, live animal allergy testing and heavy metal testing.
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