Q: What is latex underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-17
Latex underwear refers to women's underwear that uses latex material as filler. The underwear made of latex has the functions of ventilation, moisture removal, anti-mite, anti-allergic and other functions. ​Female underwear filled with latex material has the functions of ventilation, moisture removal, anti-mite, pit allergy and other functions. Natural latex, a thermoplastic synthetic resin belonging to the rubber class, is characterized by softness and elasticity, moderate hardness and softness, and is suitable as a filler for underwear. The filling material of latex underwear is natural latex, which can have certain health care effects. Latex can inhibit the breeding of mites. It is dust-proof, mildew-proof and free of static electricity. It is suitable for gas kick, allergic rhinitis, skin allergies and bronchial diseases. women use. Maintenance: 1. It must be washed by hand. Use mild detergent to clean it by pressing and grasping. 2. Drying, the latex material should not be exposed to the sun at high temperature, otherwise it will lose its elasticity, it should be hung in a ventilated place to dry until it is dry.
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