One of the 8 major problems for underwear manufacturers to improve production efficiency

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-29
Nowadays, the information age is changing, and the competition in the underwear production industry is extremely fierce. The extensive management model of underwear manufacturers in the past is very inconsistent with the present. Especially now that the post-90s and post-00s are working in underwear manufacturers, it is difficult to be interested in the production mode that relies on overtime. Therefore, the management of underwear manufacturers directly affects the competitiveness and vitality of underwear manufacturers in the market. To sum up, underwear manufacturers must pay attention to these 8 major problems if they want to improve production efficiency. Ladymate Knitting, underwear manufacturer for 17 years. Today, I will analyze one of the 8 major problems of underwear manufacturers to improve production efficiency for you! 1. Underwear manufacturers need to pay attention to bundling the interests of the factory with the interests of the employees. Japan, the country's business management experience is being learned by many countries in the world, so in recent years, the Amoeba management model is being learned by many companies. A very important model of amoeba is the compensation system, and the interests of the company should be tied to the interests of employees. The underwear processing industry is a very traditional production-oriented enterprise. In order to save costs, many underwear manufacturers put the interests of the underwear manufacturers first, and treat the employees of the underwear manufacturers if they can dig it, and the food and accommodation are not very good. protection, euphemistically called“The employees should take the factory as their family, but why should the factory treat the employees as family? Such consequences will naturally be a coping work state for employees to work in underwear manufacturers. In fact, underwear manufacturers should realize that employees are the greatest wealth of the factory. The interests of employees cannot be guaranteed, and the long-term interests of underwear manufacturers cannot be discussed. A reasonable salary system and a humanized caring incentive mechanism can improve the cohesion of underwear manufacturers and form a positive team atmosphere, and underwear manufacturers can naturally develop better. 2. The internal and external environment of underwear manufacturers is very important. First of all, the internal environment of underwear manufacturers: many underwear manufacturers can't retain talents, this is because many underwear manufacturers are too rigid in the design of management systems, but small companies have the disease of large companies. For example, the rigid emphasis on punch-in system only depends on whether you have punched in, not whether you work overtime and work consciously for a long time. What's more, the more you do, the greater the responsibility. I can't see your efforts, only the problems you have had. Once such an atmosphere is formed, many capable employees leave, leaving a bunch of people who blame each other. Now the post-90s and post-00s are gradually entering the workplace, emphasizing more freedom and individuality, and it is difficult to keep their hearts if they are too strict. Therefore, underwear manufacturers should also keep pace with the advancement, give more humane care, and create an internal environment with smooth, harmonious interpersonal working relationship and inter-departmental cooperation, which is a magic weapon for underwear manufacturers to retain talents. Many talents leave not because of salary, but because of bad work! As for the external environment of underwear manufacturers, it mainly refers to external cooperative merchants or manufacturers. As far as the production of one piece of underwear is concerned, materials need suppliers, accessories need other suppliers, and even a small packaging bag needs a dedicated supplier, so it is very important for underwear manufacturers to maintain a good cooperative relationship with upstream and downstream units. Give the other party a little production space, don't blindly squeeze their profits, if they can't live, your business is not far from the crisis. 3. The core competitiveness and advantages of underwear manufacturers. If underwear manufacturers want to form their own advantages, they must be very clear about the strengths and weaknesses between themselves and their peers, but it is not enough, because competitors of the same underwear manufacturers can easily do this, so they must look at this from a new perspective. question. The core competence of the underwear manufacturer must form a combination of tangible and intangible resources, which is an institutionalized knowledge system of interdependence, innovation and actual combat, which contains a series of experience and knowledge. For example, the human resources, production equipment, manufacturing process and working environment, working quality of personnel, corporate culture, factory system, experience knowledge, knowledge management and factory reputation of underwear manufacturers. 4. The management of underwear manufacturers should be standardized. This is easier said than done. Because underwear manufacturers must develop to a certain scale, in order to make their own underwear manufacturers have combat effectiveness, sustainability and efficiency, they must have a certain standardized management system. Another set of practices with personalization should not be implemented just because an underwear manufacturer changes employees. Regardless of the characteristics of underwear manufacturers, their basic management is unchanged, and it needs to be determined by a system to form a consensus. If this is not done, in the long run, the management of underwear manufacturers is unstable, basically hovering at a low level, and it is difficult to reach a new level. It is generally manifested in the imperfect system of underwear manufacturers, and it is often difficult to complete tasks on time. , it is difficult to find the cause of the problem, often pushing committees and wrangling. It's worth mentioning that normalization is not just a document that stays on paper. To sum up, there are 8 major problems for underwear manufacturers to improve production efficiency. Ladymate knitting is one of the two, three or four. What do you think? If you are also a manufacturer of underwear, what problems are you facing? Welcome to leave a message, and please pay attention to five six seven eight of the eight major problems of tomorrow's underwear manufacturers to improve production efficiency! Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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