OEM principle of bodywear: the fluidity of body fat

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-11
Nowadays, more and more women-lovers have just started to use bodywear OEMs, but do you guys figure out the body shaping principle of this product? To put it bluntly, shapewear can also be called body shaping clothing. It is mainly to adjust the uneven part of the body according to the adjustment of the shape, so that the wire frame of the body shape is more and more prominent, harmonious and beautiful, and the principle is: professional and technical personnel It is mainly based on the principle of body fat fluidity, based on fiber science, computer technology, aesthetics, textile material science and the structural mechanics of the human body, and in accordance with the female aesthetic visual effects and the golden ratio ratio to develop the design of the bodywear OEM. After women put it on, if they are cost-effective Bodysuit, they will have the actual effect of massage, which can make unnecessary fat on the body fluid, let the fat gradually ignite and promote the blood circulatory system, and then achieve significant results. Slimming effect. Let many female friends who love beauty also ensure their safety and health in love beauty. The current content is presented by the bodywear OEM manufacturer. If you want to master a large amount of content, please call the online consultation!
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