Modern women are still the main consumer force in China's thermal underwear market

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-14
Modern women are still the main consumer force in China's thermal underwear market. With the gradual diversification of values ​​and consumption concepts, especially when women's education level has been significantly improved and women's employment situation has been greatly improved, Chinese female consumers have a lot of confidence in themselves. The quality requirements of thermal underwear are getting higher and higher. According to the age group, the consumer groups of women's underwear can be divided into 4 age groups: 18-25 years old, 25-40 years old, 40-60 years old and over 60 years old. There are differences in their preferences. Young women aged 18-25 are an open consumer group, pursuing fashion, eager to express personal charm, and accepting sexy and unrestrained underwear styles. Women in this age group have a low economic income and generally choose low- and medium-priced underwear. Married women aged 25-40 are a neutral consumer group, they know how to live, pay attention to quality, and agree with famous brands to increase their self-confidence and will not blindly pursue fashion. Women in this age group have a stable economic income and generally choose mid-to-high-end underwear. Middle-aged and elderly women over the age of 40 are a conservative consumer group. They do not like to pursue fashion, but pay attention to subtle beauty. They think that underwear only needs to be comfortable. Women in this age group are financially stable and have certain savings, but they live frugally and generally choose mid-range underwear. Divided by consumption channels, Chinese consumers prefer online shopping in 2020. In addition, brand counters, independent stores, and underwear divisions in supermarkets have also become more commonly used purchasing channels for consumers. In the Internet era, young consumers are more accustomed to online shopping, and building online channels is conducive to reshaping the brand's tone and reaching young consumers. But at the same time, brand enterprises cannot ignore the layout of brand counters and independent stores. In addition, the supermarket underwear section also has its own living space, and low-end and low-end operators can focus on exploring various types of supermarket customers.
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