Misunderstandings in buying nursing bras

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-12
Next, Ladymate underwear manufacturers will talk about the misunderstandings of breastfeeding bras. 1. Only change the body circumference without changing the cup    needs a big cup shape, but choose a breastfeeding bra with a larger body. Many women often don't realize that the cups of the breasts also become larger when they get fatter. In this way, breastfeeding bras may not give you enough support due to your body circumference being too large, resulting in sagging breasts over time. 2. Wear a bra for two years. Generally speaking, the life span of a nursing bra should not exceed two years. In addition, be careful not to use a machine when washing to ensure that the bra is not deformed. You should also squeeze the water before drying to avoid excessively long shoulder straps. 3. Do not wear a bra when urinating on the chest.    The breast is an organ with fat as the main component. Regardless of the size of the cup, any movement that causes tremor means that the suspensory ligament needs to accept the weight of the breast every few seconds. Therefore, a nursing bra is a must-have for every woman's wardrobe. When you are pregnant, you should pay more attention to body changes and update your bra in time.
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