Misconceptions about body underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-20
Misconception 1: Many people think that the tighter the body underwear, the better the actual effect. Two years ago, the more fashionable body underwear in China was the Bodysuit. At that time, the price was extensive and the actual effect was more remarkable. It was very popular among women, but because of its The tightness prevented many people from persisting, and continued to squeeze their internal organs, jeopardizing their health. Therefore, at that time, most people would wear them only in key places and take them off immediately after entering the house. Along with market requirements, Foshan Nanhai Ladymate clothing Bodysuit is announced. It uses caffeine fabrics exclusively provided by Spain. In addition, each corset has several energy stones. According to the energy stones, the sub-health of everyone’s body is adjusted. It is designed by a team of technically professional doctors integrating ergonomics, artistic aesthetics, and work pressure. It can also assist in improving the cervical spine, maintaining the lumbar spine, preventing the bending and deformation of the spine, and correcting the chest hunchback, so that women have the ultimate S-curve. , In a real and practical sense, the two-way effect of 'internal conditioning and external repair' is guaranteed. Misconception 2: If you insist on wearing rest weight, you will gradually reduce the Ladymate clothing body contouring underwear. The most critical effect is to create an S-curve that pursues beautiful women. The focus is not on weight loss. Ladymate clothing has always insisted on scientific research to create a figure for women. The devil's figure has been diligent. In addition, if you want to lose weight, you must not only stick to your clothes, but also keep your mouth shut and strengthen exercise. Misconception 3: I’m still young and have a very good body. Women who have to repair their body after giving birth, women with poor golden ratios, such as women with flat breasts, sagging buttocks, and thick thighs, and these parts are fleshy and unable to Those who lose weight must wear Bodysuit. After the age of twenty-five, women’s breasts tend to relax. At this time, the body’s aging should be purposefully slowed down.
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