Material selection of shapewear

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-27
In the current market, Shantou Ladymate shapewear is loved by many women. The advantages of comfort, skin-fitting, and body shaping have made Shantou Ladymate shapewear hot for a while. But not all shapewear is comfortable to wear and has superior functions, and some shapewear can even cause damage to the skin when worn on the skin. Therefore, we should pay attention to whether the raw materials of the shapewear are harmless and environmentally friendly when choosing. Shabos fiber is a kind of yarn that is very suitable for shaping clothes. It has powerful functions, such as breathability, light weight, warmth, one-way humidity, sterilization and odor suppression, and it is not irritating to the skin. It is an environmentally friendly product and does not harm the skin. , Body shaping gives every woman a comfortable wearing experience. In addition to being used on shapewear, it can also be used on quick-drying clothes, sportswear, sports socks, thermal underwear, and all-in-one pants. It has powerful functions and strong applicability.
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