Knitted bottoming shirt factory teaches you how to choose high-quality customers

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-08
Ladymate Knitting has been a manufacturer of knitted underwear for 17 years, focusing on processing all kinds of knitted autumn bottoming shirts, sports jackets and other products. For a long time, Ladymate Knitting has always adhered to the principle of two-way selection with customers and mutual benefit and win-win results regarding how the knitted bottoming shirt factory selects high-quality customers. In the long-term reception of customers, Ladymate Knitting divides customers into these categories. 1. Exaggerated and exaggerated, the price requirements are extremely low. When I first found the Ladymate knitted autumn bottoming shirt factory, in order to ask for a low price, they would tell us that there are a large number of autumn bottoming shirts for subsequent processing, such as a few cabinets per month, etc., but when we really negotiated and started processing, the number was very small. . 2. The quality is very high, but the price is very low. The quality requirements for processing autumn bottoming shirts are very high, and the price is very low. Such customers are often encountered, and they claim to have mastery of customer resources,“I have been in the bottoming shirt processing market for many years.“The situation is overwhelming. When we first started talking, he didn't seem to care about anything, and his shots seemed to be very generous. It was often difficult for the salesmen of some junior bottoming shirt factories to resist. For these customers, the bottoming shirt factory must pay attention to the terms and conditions, and the sample clothes must be confirmed after confirming, and they must pay attention in the process of receiving orders. They cannot avoid forced orders. The problem of defects will make you lower the price and compensation, etc. In the end, it will make everyone very unhappy, and some bottoming shirt factories are often fooled. 3. People have more requirements for bottoming shirt products, and the price is relatively low. The pursuit of perfection is the perfect customer. This kind of customer, the bottoming shirt factory should understand clearly at the beginning of the negotiation, because such customers often negotiate with the bottoming shirt factory with a foolish mentality at the beginning of the negotiation, such as asking you for a quotation, asking them for their specific requirements and quantity. , very vague. After getting a good price from the factory, various requirements will not be included, and they are often entangled. Therefore, the bottoming shirt factory should also pay great attention to such customers when choosing cooperation, because you may spend a lot of time on such customers, but it may not satisfy both parties. In the actual negotiation process with customers, many bottoming shirt factories attach importance to the customer's experience process, while ignoring the factory's production process. Ladymate knitted knitted bottoming sweater factory for 17 years, always adheres to serving customers with the original intention of being born, and always adheres to mutual benefit and win-win, two-way selection principle when negotiating with customers.“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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