It is time for the branding of women's thermal underwear enterprises

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-27
The branding of women's thermal underwear enterprises is at the right time. From the perspective of the development of the underwear market, the Chinese underwear brand enterprises start later than the brand enterprises in Europe, the United States and Japan, and the brand concentration is lower than that of the foreign market, and the competition is more intense. At present, there are more than 3,000 women's thermal underwear brands in my country, and the pattern is relatively scattered. The market share of the top ten companies is only 12.7%, which is the golden age of brand building. With the full popularization of the Internet and the updating and iteration of consumer entities, the business world and social trends of thought have undergone chain changes. main“Sexy traditional lingerie brand in deep trouble, China“The number one urban beauty stock in underwear closed thousands of stores, Embry’s performance declined sharply, and Huijie shares fell into stagflation. Even the British company of the internationally renowned underwear brand Victoria’s Secret declared bankruptcy in May 2020, and the parent company permanently closed 250 stores. But it is worth noting that while the share of traditional underwear brands has declined, a number of emerging brands have grown rapidly. During the Double Eleven in 2020, Ubras and Bananai, which sold more than 100 million yuan in the underwear industry, are both cutting-edge brands that focus on comfort and freedom and advocate the concept of self-pleasure. With the help of e-commerce channels, aiming at the current golden track, low-end women's underwear brands and emerging brands have achieved rapid growth. Even with the further expansion of overseas online shopping platforms such as Tmall, JD.com, and NetEase Kaola, and a new round of outflanking by overseas underwear brands, data shows that over 70% of domestic consumers are more inclined to support domestic brands, and only 4% of them prefer to support domestic brands. Consumers are willing to buy foreign high-end brands. Through the analysis of brand enterprises in the underwear industry, it can be found that the number of physical stores is decreasing every year. On the contrary, the proportion of e-commerce in total operating income is increasing year by year. Especially since the epidemic in 2020, the physical stores are even more closed. Several. In the Internet era, it is not necessary to say that online consumption is the general trend, but with the current traffic dividend peaking and the cost of public domain traffic rising, private domain traffic such as live broadcast, a low-cost and high-conversion method, should become a new brand. development focus. While laying out the entire network marketing, in the context of the big data era, the integration of online and offline also includes big data-driven and smart stores. Market-oriented to create a data-based wholesaler in the new era, relying on sufficient sales data analysis as support, through big data + artificial intelligence, to make products closer to the needs of market consumers, and to empower customers with accurate insights and products through big data. Sales and Brand Operations. Integrate online channels and display products in offline stores to give customers a sense of experience and directly perceive the quality of products. The professionalism and good attitude of store staff can also make customers willing to consume. Through dynamic displays such as short videos and live broadcasts, the sense of trust between merchants and customers and the efficiency of information transmission are enhanced, and the transaction rate is greatly improved. With the advantages of online and offline service linkage, merchants can effectively maintain and expand their loyal user base.
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