It is important to choose OEM straps for body wear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-01
Shoulder straps are a key component of bodywear OEM. There are various styles that can be matched with different coats and make it convenient for women to wear underwear. However, many girls have encountered the embarrassment of slipping off the shoulder straps of their underwear before, so let’s talk about this topic today. First, the key function of underwear straps is to lift and tighten the breasts to fix the position of the breasts, and secondly, to create a better body shape and make the body look stronger. Regardless of whether it is solid or shaping, it is stipulated that the underwear cup cover must have an actual effect, and the side must have structural reinforcement energy, that is, the shoulder strap has a certain tensile effect. Pay special attention to that if the underwear strap is too tight, it will cause shoulder muscle pain. Therefore, when choosing a shoulder strap, you should choose a shoulder strap with a certain degree of flexibility to promote the comfort of your shoulders when wearing underwear. However, if the shoulder straps are chosen very loosely, it will cause the trouble of slipping off the underwear, and it will be more embarrassing to often adjust the shoulder straps as a last resort. Therefore, in order to prevent the above two dilemmas, it is necessary to choose the underwear straps of the appropriate specifications. Underwear shoulder straps with thin shoulders: The shoulders are moderately inclined, and most Chinese ladies are based on these types of shoulders. For this type of shoulder type, it is recommended that you choose a design scheme that is slightly closer to the sides of the shoulder belt for underwear OEM production. The total width of the shoulder belt can be narrower, and you can also choose the shoulder belt design scheme in the middle. Thick shoulders: Generally speaking, girls with large skeletons will have thicker shoulders. You should choose a wider shoulder strap for underwear, so that you can ensure sufficient tensile strength and your shoulders will feel comfortable. It must be noted that girls with this type of shoulders are generally relatively plump, and the actual effect is better if they can be matched with underwear with full cups and widened shoulder straps. Underwear shoulder straps, sloping shoulders, are also known as beauty shoulders. The shoulders are very inclined, but they are different from thin shoulders because the shoulders are very inclined. This kind of shoulder-shaped underwear straps are very easy to slip off. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the shoulder straps in the middle of the shoulders. The design scheme, put on the back shoulder strap just in the cross position of the front, back, left, and right necks. In addition, you can choose a shoulder strap that is slightly wider to avoid slipping, or choose a shoulder strap with a U-shaped back design instead of a vertical design, so that it can withstand more comfort and is less likely to slip off. The flat shoulder is also called the general shoulder, the shoulder slope is small, and the collarbone is more prominent. Contrary to sloping shoulders, girls with flat shoulders are not easy to slip off when wearing underwear. If you pay attention to the inner and both sides of the shoulder strap of the underwear factory, you can.
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