It is difficult for underwear manufacturers to realize private personalized customization of women's underwear because...

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-24
In the past few days, I have received some customers looking for underwear manufacturers who want to do personalized private women's underwear customization, or some small quantities of women's underwear customization consultation, saying that they are trying a new business model. In order to adapt to the Internet era, people are personalized Private women's underwear customization business model, want to help people customize a single piece of women's underwear, our customer service staff told her that this idea is very good, but our Ladymate knitted underwear factory can not provide such services, the customer is very puzzled. In fact, it is not difficult to understand why underwear manufacturers cannot provide personalized single-piece or small-quantity customized services for women's underwear after a simple analysis. 1. Raw materials are difficult to purchase, and customized services cannot be completed. This is not difficult to understand. Anyone who has been to an underwear factory and has processed women's underwear knows very well that if a piece of women's underwear is to be successfully produced and processed, it involves fabrics, accessories, processing and other links. We can imagine that, taking the underwear processing that our Ladymate knitting is good at, a piece of women's underwear may require 0.5kg of yarn and 0.2kg of accessories. During the knitting process, the initial mechanical debugging may consume 0.2kg , You said how to buy yarn, and accessories, a small piece of underwear may be used, but how many yards to buy from the factory, how do you buy raw materials for dozens of women's underwear if you produce one piece? It is basically impossible to buy in the market. 2. The material cost is too high, the loss is too large, and the customer is unbearable, and the underwear manufacturer is not cost-effective. If you produce one or dozens of pieces of women's underwear, the underwear manufacturer may have to purchase the whole kilogram of raw materials and the whole accessories. If you produce one or dozens of pieces, there will naturally be a lot of material left. Some of them are useless, let the customer pay the bill, and the customer is not willing to accept it. Another example is the dyeing process. You may need to mix a minimum amount of dye to dye a piece of clothing. It may be possible to make a piece of clothing. The factory has to produce multiple pieces for repeated testing. This will cost a lot of money, and the dyeing factory will not be able to. willing to do so. 3. The quantity is small, the production and processing cycle of a single piece of women's underwear is long, and the labor cost is high. Nowadays, the large-scale and powerful underwear manufacturers are all implementing assembly line operations to improve efficiency. One or a few people cannot achieve assembly line operations, division of labor and collaboration, and only one person or a few people can do it from the beginning to the end. In this way, the efficiency generation will naturally increase the labor cost. 4. The production and processing advantages of underwear manufacturers are difficult to exert. Assembly line operation is a great creation of the industrial age. Everyone divides labor and cooperates, and the efficient operation of assembly line greatly reduces various costs. Like Ladymate Knitting, the factories with more than 350 people are all production lines, more than 330 imported equipments, and an average of 60,000 pieces of underwear per day. If a single piece of women's underwear is customized, the factory cannot use the assembly line. Therefore, the general factory is not willing to customize leather goods for you individually. Therefore, our Ladymate Knitting can provide customers with personalized women's underwear on-demand services, not“Single piece or small quantity customized! Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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