Is your method the right way to wash and maintain bodywear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-13
Body clothing washing and maintenance methods Washing method: 1. The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius and should be kept at about 25 degrees; 2. Use a special underwear cleaner; 3. Do not use machine washing, please gently rub and wash with your hands. Finally, rinse the underwear thoroughly with clean water. Drying method: 1. Wrap with a dry towel, lightly press, fully absorb the water, do not twist it hard, smooth it and hang it; 2. Do not use a dryer, and avoid direct exposure to the sun. Keep in a ventilated place and dry in the shade. 3. Fold the cleaned bra in half, and let the hanger pass through the inelastic area to dry. This will not cause the weight of wet clothes to stretch the fiber fabric, and will not cause premature fatigue of the shoulder straps. 4. Put the washed plastic pants through the hanger and fold in half to dry, so that the plastic pants can be dried evenly. 5. Hang the washed waist (back) clip upside down on the hanger, and then hang the hook to avoid stretching the clothes fiber and maintain the service life of the fiber fabric. 6. After drying, arrange the shape of the underwear, buckle the buckles first, and stack them neatly to avoid hooking other clothes; 7. After the underwear is folded after drying, wrap it with a clean towel and place it in the closet. Replacement: When the underwear fabric is found to be slack, new underwear should be replaced, and two or more sets of underwear should be worn alternately to extend its service life.
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