Is the custom size of underwear a unified standard at home and abroad?

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-05
With the full development of Ladymate knitting e-commerce network marketing, more and more customers are looking for manufacturers who can provide underwear customization. Some customers mentioned that the size standards for underwear customization at home and abroad are unified? What is the size standard of the underwear sizes S, M, and L that we usually refer to? Ladymate Knitting has been focusing on the custom processing of underwear for 17 years. In the past, such problems were often encountered when ordering sales in stores. I can tell you with certainty that there is currently no unified international standard for the custom processing of knitted underwear. People in different countries and regions have different heights, shorts, fats and thins, so the size requirements for custom underwear are also different. There is also a big difference in the material of customized underwear. At present, foreign customers mainly produce and process underwear with nylon materials, while domestic ones mainly use cotton products. The elastic effect of nylon material is better, and domestically, due to the influence of publicity, cotton materials are considered to be safer and more environmentally friendly. Over the years, Ladymate Knitting has come into contact with a large number of foreign customers' underwear customization requirements, and has also come up with a general underwear size requirement: foreign countries (except Asia and Southeast Asia) generally customize underwear bust size requirements at 2842; domestic (including Asia, Southeast Asia) generally The bust size requirement for custom underwear is between 2846, and there is no special requirement for the length. Then you need to ask clearly, where are you exporting to, which region, and a size requirement for local underwear products. With this requirement, you can report it to the underwear factory. The underwear factory will produce samples according to your requirements. Your client confirms. Usually, the normal size error range of underwear in the production and processing process is between 1-2cm. This error is mainly due to external factors such as material ratio, knitting machine processing speed, weather, dyeing, shrinkage and other external factors during the production and processing of underwear. Greater impact. So what is the size standard for custom underwear we often mention the size of size S, M, and L? In fact, S, M, and L represent small, medium, and large sizes. In different countries and regions, the size standards for small, medium, and large sizes are also different, so don't confuse them. Of course, underwear has a great feature of being elastic, so we often see many underwear sizes and one called“One size fits all, basically different people can wear it. Therefore, Ladymate Knitting also emphasizes a few points again. If you are looking for an underwear manufacturer with customized underwear processing needs, you must know where you are exporting, size requirements, fabric requirements, workmanship requirements, including quantity, target price, etc. Don't just go around asking for a price with a product image. Only when you know enough about the underwear products you want to customize in your heart will underwear manufacturers provide you with real personalized underwear customization needs! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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