Is it expensive to sample women's underwear? Listen to what underwear manufacturers say

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-25
Underwear processing to find manufacturers usually go through proofing, confirming samples and other links, which are mainly for the guarantee of mass production. Proofing Usually underwear manufacturers will have to put away a certain proofing fee? So should underwear manufacturers charge this proofing fee, and is it expensive? Listen to what underwear manufacturers have to say. Customers who find the manufacturer of underwear processing through the Internet are usually more concerned about the proofing fee. Once the underwear manufacturer reports the proofing fee, many people will be surprised that it is so expensive! In fact, this is mainly because you may not understand how many processes and costs are required for underwear proofing? First of all, let's talk about whether the proofing fee for women's underwear should be charged? Regarding the proofing fee for women's underwear, in the underwear factory Ladymate knitting, the charge is usually 500 yuan per model. In fact, if this 500 yuan is subdivided, it is far from the cost of proofing a piece of underwear. Many factors of women's underwear, especially underwear, are uncontrollable, and can only be tried again and again based on experience. In many cases, for a customer's sample clothing, underwear manufacturers have to try seven or eight times to make a product that is very close to the customer. sample. Because the materials of underwear are ever-changing, in many cases, the customer does not know the material composition ratio of the sample clothes he gets. In order to be close to the sample of the customer, the underwear manufacturer can only rely on its own experience to test it again and again. In fact, those who have visited underwear manufacturers will know that a women's underwear needs dozens of processes from design to sample making, and it may take several days to complete. To be honest, sometimes the designer's salary is not enough for a women's underwear, and underwear manufacturers often lose money. But proofing is the least risky way to reach cooperation between underwear manufacturers and customers. Our Ladymate Knitting usually charges 500 yuan for customer proofing. This 500 yuan is actually just a hurdle. It is a foundation for mutual cooperation and trust. When you are actually producing large-scale goods in the future, we will return this fee to you as the payment for the goods. Our underwear manufacturers do not expect to make any money through this proofing fee. If you are just proofing, and there is no bulk order in the later stage, the underwear manufacturer will lose a little less, which is also a win-win and mutual trust method. If you are blindly entangled in whether or not to pay for the proofing fee, which underwear manufacturer charges a lower price, it will be meaningless. It is not a matter of money at all. Many customers are still wondering whether the proofing fee for women's underwear is expensive. Some underwear manufacturers charge 300 yuan, while yours charges 500 yuan? Regarding this point, Ladymate Knitting also made it very clear that we do not expect to make any money from customers by relying on this 500 yuan. If you really produce large-scale goods, this fee will be refunded to you. Our Ladymate Knitting is usually more flexible about the proofing charges for women's underwear. For example, you are already our old customer. You have cooperated with us many times, and you are very happy with each other. It is normal to occasionally make a few samples without charging. In fact, there is another very important reason for women's underwear proofing, that is, the nuclear cost quotation. Many customers find underwear manufacturers through the Internet, and they will ask for quotations. In order to give you accurate quotations, underwear manufacturers will also ask you to proof. Only after proofing and processing through various processes can we calculate the accurate price. Regarding whether women's underwear proofing should be charged, and whether it is expensive or not. Ladymate Knitting thinks it should be closed, and it must be closed. Give the market and give each other a fair and just environment. Without rules, it is difficult to form a circle! For more information about women's underwear and underwear, please call the underwear manufacturer Ladymate Knitting: Consult! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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