Is it better to promote 'selling point' or 'buying point' for autumn bottoming shirts?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-22
This season is the peak season for the sales of autumn bottoming shirts, and underwear manufacturers are also busy rushing to stock up. If you want to have a good sales of bottoming shirts, it is naturally inseparable from marketing and publicity. About autumn bottoming shirts Marketing is to leave training and mining the selling point of the product. When similar products flood the market, everyone is talking about the selling point of the same product. Are you thinking of another way to tell from the customer's point of view that you should buy bottoming shirts?“buy some? In the past two days, I have been chatting with some customers about the sales of bottoming shirts in this season. Everyone is talking about how to further improve the selling points of autumn bottoming shirts, and how to express these selling points by planning pictures and texts. At this time, a friend told a story that inspired us. If you were a fruit vendor and you had to shout constantly to attract business, how would you shout? Yes“sell fruit~“Buy some fruit~? Some people say, what's the difference, it's all about selling the fruit anyway. In fact, these two sentences represent two completely different marketing methods.“Selling fruit emphasizes the product“The selling point is to show the advantages and characteristics of the product to the users with the product as the starting point. Only when the advantages of the product are in line with the needs of the user, can the desire to buy the product be aroused;“Buying fruit emphasizes the user's“Buying points, starting from the needs of users, shows users which needs the product can meet, thereby attracting users. In fact, what can really arouse users' awareness and decision-making, and interact with consumers is the“Buy some marketing and hit the user's heart directly. As soon as this story is finished, everyone's ideas are suddenly opened. Indeed, if we blindly focus on the products of the autumn bottoming shirts themselves“The selling point is to emphasize the product features of our bottoming shirts, but this does not immediately arouse customers' desire to buy. And if we change the angle, stand in the customer's point of view and emphasize that you should buy our products“Buy some and believe the effect will be completely different. For example, in autumn and winter, when the weather turns cold, MM has to wear thick clothes when going out, but thick clothes look bloated. Bloated and thick clothes are even more ugly, so is there any kind of clothes that can not only keep warm to a certain extent, but also have the effect of body sculpting? The Ladymate series of bottoming shirts produced by Ladymate Knitting can just meet these needs of customers. Telling this point directly hits the hearts of users, I believe that they will definitely be stronger when they buy our products. Of course, when we advertise our fall base layer products, we are not a point“Selling points are all used for publicity, but we should explore more from the perspective of customers“Shop and stop by our fall bottoming shirt products“Converting selling points into what customers need“Buy some, maybe it is in line with what we often say“User thinking! Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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