Is it better to change the underwear once a day or multiple days?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-27
Is the underwear changed every day or multiple days? Shantou Ladymate Apparel Co., Ltd.-Underwear processing and production, undergarment OEM customization, shapewear manufacturer, talk to everyone: after wearing underwear for a day, there will be about 100 grams of metabolites, especially in autumn and winter because of the weather. Dryness will cause more dandruff metabolism. These metabolites have hundreds of millions of bacteria. If you wear the same underwear continuously without changing and washing, it will affect your skin health and even breast health problems. Therefore, underwear needs to be replaced every day and needs to be cleaned every day. In addition, under normal circumstances, the service life of underwear should not exceed 6 months. The underwear that is worn for a long time will be deformed and dirty, which will not support and protect the chest~Shantou Ladymate Apparel Co., Ltd., established in 2002 It is located in Shantou, which is known as the 'International Underwear Capital'. Ladymate has been focusing on the research and development, production, sales, and service of underwear for more than ten years since its inception. It has been adhering to the enterprise's 'integrity and professionalism' spirit of ingenuity for ten years, creating an 'innovative and efficient' corporate team. The company has more than 150 employees. Shantou has a modern factory building covering an area of u200bu200bmore than 20,000 square meters, a highly standardized production line, and an integrated automatic computer cutting machine; in order to ensure a large output and meet the diversity of orders.
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