Is it appropriate to choose tights for yoga practice?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-04
Is it appropriate to choose tights for yoga practice? The answer is: suitable, easy to exercise, improve comfort Tights, whether you are practicing yoga or practicing ballet, are a relatively good choice! For beginners, clothing is the most basic equipment. We can often see that the movements of yoga are relatively soft and the amplitude is relatively large, so it is required that the yoga practice clothing must not be too tight. If you have seen old photos of Indian yogis, you will see that men (Indian tradition is that only men can practice yoga) are nearly naked, with only the lower body wrapped in a piece of cloth. Yep, that's traditional yoga clothes. But it's comfortable to wear like this, but it's not necessarily appropriate, is it? Because yoga has a lot of big body stretching movements, and not only certain angles, therefore, if you wear cotton and linen loose and comfortable clothing, although it is very ventilated and comfortable, but sometimes because the fabric is not elastic, you will be tied sense. In addition, because our movements may involve standing with shoulders and feet on the head, if the clothes are too loose, there will be a dilemma of sliding down, and instead, the abdomen or legs will be exposed. A question from popular science: Why do you need to wear yoga clothes when practicing yoga? Is it for more fashion? The answer is: 1. It is fashion, of course, this is not the most important point. The important thing is 2. It is easier to see the line state and direction of your muscles. The yoga teacher will arrange a more suitable practice method for you according to the direction of the line state of your muscles!
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