Is body shaping underwear harmful to the body?

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-13
The correct choice of body shaping underwear is harmless to the body. is not the underwear of the 20th century, and the concept here should not be confused. Usually mentioned, I have seen a lot of related questions and answers actually refer to the corset that has been used in France throughout history. The principle of this kind of thing is to achieve the visual effect of thin waist by squeezing bones and internal organs by external force. The consequences are definitely not good. It will lead to varying degrees of difficulty breathing, clogged pores, gastrointestinal dysfunction, straightening of the uterus, leading to gynecological inflammation and so on. However, today's high-quality underwear is different. They target the skin layer and fat layer. They tighten the skin and guide the fat through the pressure brought by the special fabric, so that your skin reduces the drag and relaxation caused by the fat gravity, so that the fat is where it should be, which means that the fat can be controlled in the abdomen, arms and buttocks. Of accumulation. And wear corsets correctly, because corsets can control your diet to a certain extent, and will not eat too much. Excessive calorie intake will lead to obesity. This is just one of them. Secondly, high-quality underwear not only does not feel tightness and pressure, but also plays a very good role in supporting and shaping. For example, some underwear will be cut into a U-shaped design on the back and chest. The U-shaped back helps to tighten the northern lines and prevent obesity and hunchback from increasing with the chest; the U-shaped breast design can support the chest, prevent sagging, and avoid secondary breasts. problem. So I want to emphasize that bracing is harmful and unreasonable in principle. The key is that you have to get rid of those low-quality, three-no products from the very beginning. For example, some products that do not have production qualifications under the banner of exaggeration, those that cannot be found must be given priority. Moreover, wearing comfort is very important. My sister’s painful experience was that she bought a brand of corset before, spent a lot of money, and couldn’t breathe. I took it off at night and found that there were all scars on my body, which was unbelievable. Even so, the choice should be made further based on your specific needs and circumstances. For example, if you are a working woman, do you just need to shape your body in the workplace or after giving birth, or during the daily weight loss period, the daily body maintenance and correction need the assistance of corsets? Different people face different needs, so there are certain differences in the choice of body shaping underwear. In addition, the different seasons will also have an impact on the choice of underwear. For example, in summer, you should choose thin clothes that are soft and breathable, have good sweat wicking function, are not prone to bacteria, and are close to the skin color. It is convenient to wear skirts and t-shirts. The corset in summer is also easier to clean and will not deform. In autumn and winter, you need to buy a shapewear with warm materials and higher body coverage. For example, the summer is in the style of the version or the waistcoat, and the winter is similar to the warm long trousers, and the shaping effect is more comprehensive. When should I wear it? Different people have different needs, as I said before. For example, for daily fitness and maintenance needs, you can wear it every day, but the time should not be too long. If you feel uncomfortable, change it immediately, and don't wear it when you rest and exercise. If you are a young mother after childbirth, you can start wearing it 42 days after childbirth. Don't wear it early to prevent infection. Similarly, do not wear it for rest, care, and fitness. Dressing requirements for work parties are all short-term dressing hours, depending on individual circumstances. If not everyone has been in contact with corsets, they should be worn within two hours at the beginning, and gradually get used to adding time later.
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