Invisible underwear brand manufacturers detail the common sense about invisible underwear! !

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-12
​ Invisible underwear NudeBra is a kind of underwear, commonly known as invisible bra. It is composed of two pieces of silicone sheets and a front buckle - no need for shoulder straps and buckles. The front buckle forms a concentration. How to clean: 1. After each use of invisible underwear, you need to wash each side with warm water and a little soap. Do not use nails when cleaning to avoid cracking of the adhesive. 2. Do not use washing machines or brushes and any cleaning agents, so as not to cause damage to the glue. After washing, shake off excess water and air dry on the original tray. Cover the lid after air-drying to prevent dust from sticking to it. When replaying the invisible underwear, gently pull it apart for use, too many times will reduce the stickiness, in this case, simply wash the cups and air dry. How to clean invisible underwear? The cleaning of invisible underwear is relatively simple. Generally, it can be washed with water or mild shower gel. Do not use washing powder, otherwise it will damage the silicone. After washing, dry in the shade, do not expose to the sun, otherwise it will damage the adhesive layer. Once dry, store it in a plastic box. Experts remind Ms. Amy that the use time of invisible underwear should not exceed 6 hours, because the silicone material of invisible underwear is relatively dense, and there is no cotton material for breathability. Wearing it for a long time is not good for the skin.​ Cleaning: Clean the area of ​​the body that will come into contact with the adhesive, wipe off body lotion, perfume or perspiration, and allow the area to dry. Wear: The cups are turned inside out, and the cups are properly positioned from under the breast (the cups should be V-shaped). With one hand, place the rim of the flipped cup under the breast, then gently push the cup from the bottom up to secure it in place. If you want to make the cups fuller, you can use cup liners. Tip: If you feel the cups are in place and at the right angle, gently squeeze the cups to fit snugly against your breasts. When fixing the other cup, make sure that the level, position and angle of the two cups are the same. If the cup is just close to the bust line, the chest can get a natural, plump and charming bust curve. It is not necessary to cover the entire breast with the cup. Fastening: Invisible undergarments buckle in the same way as other undergarments. In order to create an attractive nipple, it is recommended that you place the cover on the outside edge of the breast and then buckle it. Be aware that if the cups are positioned outside, the breast pads will look unnatural or the cups will fall off easily when sweating. Adjustment: Once the cups are in place and fastened, lift the cups with both hands to fit snugly against your breasts and secure with light pressure. If the bust curve you want is not achieved, remove the cups and re-wear. If the desired effect is still not achieved after several attempts, you should re-rub the chest to remove the moisture. Unfastening: Unfasten the underwear button, gently pull out the cup from top to bottom and remove the cup. If there is any sticky residue on the skin after removing the cup, wipe it off with a soft towel or cloth. The above is the relevant information compiled by the invisible underwear brand manufacturer Ladymate clothing editor, I hope to help you! !
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