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by:LADYMATE     2022-08-12
​ Invisible bra is a semi-circular underwear made of polymer synthetic material that is very close to the muscle tissue of human breasts. It has the advantage of not being restrained by straps and shoulder straps. It quickly swept the world. Breast wear. The bra was invented by the French in the 1920s, and its former name was corset. Bra is referred to as bra, the word is derived from French. The invisible bra liberates a group of women who love the feeling of freedom and carefree. The inner adhesive layer has strong adhesion, and its close contact with the chest and the characteristics of the human skin makes the wearer no matter in the process of strenuous exercise. , or in the state of wearing a close-fitting evening dress, you can freely move your hands and feet.​ For this trend of invisible bras, most of the well-known underwear brands are just waiting and watching, and have no intention to follow the trend. They believe that today's underwear brands not only strive for excellence in appearance design, but also work hard on the health and comfort of the human body. In the fabric of underwear, many fabrics with strong comfort are constantly emerging. Today, both models on the T-shaped stage and avant-garde girls are the first to wear invisible bras. The new concept of 'unbinding' advocated by invisible bras really provides a fresh choice for those women who pursue the same pursuit of beauty and comfort. Compared with the popular chest stickers in the past, invisible bras can shape more. In addition, like fashion, many underwear brands now release new styles every season, adding more fashion elements to underwear, and providing women with reasons to frequently change underwear. Therefore, both in terms of comfort and style, traditional underwear has obvious advantages over new underwear. The above is the relevant information compiled by the invisible bra manufacturer Ladymate clothing editor, I hope to help you! !
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